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Articles, page 8

articles 29

Modern buildings, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia

Dwelling on the historical and natural landmarks of the country, do not forget that there are quite a few modern buildings that could take a worthy place among the architectural masterpieces of the world heritage.

articles 28

International Classification of Insurances

Throughout the world, you can often meet with abbreviations, which help to reduce the name of insurance. We will consider the most common, we will give the answers what they designate, and also specify which insurance we have for you.

articles 26

Areas where the rental car is restricted

We do not recommend the use of a car in the area, as under the terms of our agreement, the use of a car in these areas is prohibited.

articles 25

New arrivals of cars

We are happy to inform you that in the summer of 2017 we offer many new cars previously unavailable in our fleet.

articles 24

Accommodation and car rental in Georgia for free

Have you longed for a vacation? How about a holiday in the mountains? It is expensive! No. It`s FREE!

articles 23

Piazza in Batumi, have a good time there

One of the most interesting places in Batumi is Piazza, there are several hotels, restaurants, live music, big watches.

articles 22

30% discount on car rental

RACE offers a 30% discount for everyone who wants a car from September 30, 2017.

articles 21

Modern architecture in Batumi, the building of McDonald`s

One of the attractions of modern Batumi are the new buildings, which can be divided into standard ones and those that are distinguished by interesting and unusual architecture.

articles 20

Have me for...

No, we do not offer illegal services. Only an excellent opportunity to save on avtoarende by taking part in our new campaign!

articles 19

RACE new office in Tbilisi

RACE car rental in Georgia invite you to our new office in Tbilisi. We opened a small front office in the city center near the city hall in the district of Saburtalo street Shartava 18. The central region is considered here focuses modern business life of Tbilisi.