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Documents for distribution

  • passport
  • Driving license

The minimum driver’s age is 21 years old, minimum driver’s experience - 2 years.


  • deposit for the car - return the sum
  • Payment for the entire rental period Payment is made in GEL.

Payment is possible:

  • Cash
  • The clearing
  • Electronic Money
  • Credit Card

The payment of deposit and car rental service is made in the same form. You can not combine service payment and deposit by different methods, that is, it's paid by card, it's cash, and that's ....

How to pay:

  1. If services are paid in cash - deposit is also paid in cash
  2. If you pay for the services via card, the deposit, is also paid by card
  3. If you do online payment by card on the web in full amount, the deposit is paid in cash or via the site using your card
  4. If you made a partial prepayment on the site by your card - all services and deposit are paid vis cash or card while you receive a car. You cann’t combine payment.

НYou can not pay the deposit with the card, but rent in cash or vice versa. This difficulty is caused by the requirements of legislation and taxation in Georgia.


There are 3 insurance:

  • Car insurance against all possible insurance events
  • Insurance of liability of the driver
  • Insurance life and health of the occupants

Mileage policy

Mileage is limited when renting a car for up to 4 days (250 km a day), when renting a car for 5 days or more, you get unlimited mileage. Mileage can be limited in the preparation of the special provisions and exclusive offers from us. Getting a car for up to 4 days with unlimited mileage possible for an additional charge.

Additional fees

Additional payment is available for:

  • washing the car when the car is returned dirty
  • drop off the car out of the office
  • receiving or drop off during office out of hours, holiday, night
  • service "one way" pick up your car in one city – drop off at another
  • fuel - when the car is returned with the less amount of fuel
  • additional equipment: baby chair, Navigation, chains, fasteners for ski
  • damage of the car without a statement to the insurance company
  • loss of key technical passport, license plate on a car
  • additional drivers

Rental period

Rental period begins from the date of receipt of the vehicle and is considered by the day. 1 day is 24 hours from receipt of the vehicle. The excess of the rental period for a few hours paid as additional days, no matter how long the car has been exceeded.

Fuel policy

Vehicle transmitted with a certain amount of fuel and with the same amount have to be returned. When the car is returned with less fuel – customer will be charged for missing liters. Use petrol brand "Premium" (similar to the 95th brand), for diesel cars - diesel. The cost of gasoline at the gas station - about 2.5 lari per 1 liter.

Rules of the road. Features.

Speed limits are handled absolutely everywhere, even in every street you will see here the allowed speed. The city limits were set at 40, 60, 80 km / h.

Driving on the highway as well adjusted characters: 90 km / h, highway 110 km / h.

We receive information about traffic rules violation make by you during car rental. We receive it via sms, letters from police or using online police database. All fines will be presented to your to pay. In case the fine do not payed, it becomes two times more, after some time grows again till it become several thousands of dollars. Failure to pay a fine case you blocking to enter or go away from Georgia country till the payment do not done.

Police everywhere very much, everything is controlled, divided into squares. When you call the police, the response rate will be 3-5 minutes. Even if you do not call the police after a traffic accident, it is likely to arrive itself within 5 minutes, thanks to video cameras.

When you commit a violation by the police, such as crossing a continuous line marking, talking on mobile, not wearing a seat belt, you just stop your car and caught up with discharged fine.

Any bribes police can not be offered - handcuffs dressed immediately, the police have video camera in the car, on their forms, do not take bribes.

When to book

Make an order if you have already decided the dates of rental. If the time of car rent falls on holidays, or high season, then it is better to rent a car in advance, because а lot of people rent at the same period. It is better to make a reservation at least one week before the trip.

We always send the e-booking number and details of reservstion on e-mail. All the prices on the site are relevant, according to your chosen period. If you noticed an inaccuracy – please let us know.

Prepayment when booking a rental

The reservation can be paid or not paid. Priority always has a paid reservation. Also we provide a discount with 100% paid orders.

A prepayment booking is always made at the rate of 20% of your order (the whole cost of the order except for the deposit), if you want to receive the car:

  • at the Airport
  • delivery around the city
  • anyplace in the city of Kutaisi
  • also prepayment can be asked if the car you want is in a limited quantity, and we wish to provide this car to you. We will deliver it from another office at our expense, in this case if you refuse the order - we will incur expenses. In order to cover expenses, we ask you for a guarantee in the amount of the prepayment.

Prepayment amount

  1. 100% when you pay immediately and receive 10% discount on your order, so you pay only 90%
  2. 20% of the order we ask if we have to deliver a car from another region or you rent on holidays or high season.

Any partial prepayment for renting is credited to the amount necessary to pay for the rent. So if you made a prepayment, then at the place of collection a car you have to make an additional payment based on the balance of the amount.

When to rent and how

You can rent a car in such ways:

  1. On-line form on the website - indicate the dates, time and place of receipt and return of the car, leave your mail - the calculation based on your application will be sent to you e-mail, and then we will contact you. If the order is urgent - 24 hours before the start of the rental - Better to call.
  2. By phone (+995) 514-577-555 - indicate your dates and time of collection and return of the vehicle, we will calculate the order and tell you the amount of the rental. Then we will make the reservation on your name.
  3. Using Viber or WhatsApp + 995-514-577-555 - voice dialing or through messages, you can also send photocopies of your documents, we will issue a reservation and send you the reservation number
  4. By e-mail - order@race.com.ge - just write us an e-mail with your wishes regarding cars, dates and place of receipt and return of the car
  5. Using online chat - if we are on-line – ask and we will immediately make the reservation, if we are off-line - write, we will reply on your letter as soon as it possible, but not more than 12 hours.

Verification of car rental

Reservation is 100% verification of your order. After completing your application, we will contact you and you will receive a booking confirmation by phone or by e-mail.

You are given a unique booking number. Upon verification of the reservation and making an advance payment, you will have an electronic voucher, which is a confirmation of your reservation.

Reservation of a specific car

The reservation is made for the car class and the gearbox. We will certainly take into account your wishes regarding the car and we will try to provide the car chosen by you. If the class has several subclasses that differ in price, you will be offered only a car from this subclass.

How to pay the reservation

Payment is possible in such ways:

  1. to the account of the company in Georgia

Cancel Reservation

You can cancel your paid reservation at any time. In order to cancel the reservation, use the My RACE service or write to us at mail order@race.com.ge

Booking cancellation with returning the prepayment

You can cancel your booking at any time. We can return your prepayment if your cancellation done no less than 72 hours before your rental start.

We do not return the prepayment if you make order using special conditions or promos that shown other conditions of cancellation.

We do not compensate or return:

  1. Commission that was taken during your payment or at the moment of returning your prepayment
  2. Currency rate changes that make your prepayment smaller than you did

Compensations of any interest, taxes, lost interest and etc.

In other cases the prepayment will not be refunded. Terms of refund can be different if you take a car on a special offer and on our website, under this special offer there are other cancellation dates with a refund of prepayment.

Terms of payment the reservation

If you use the tariff and the service to pay now, you need to make payment within 2 hours, otherwise the application have to be re-created or a letter specifying the possibility of paying for the order have to be written.

If you want to make an advance payment for a standard reservation, it have to be paid within 7 days from the date of reservation, except if your car order falls on dates less than 7 days from the time of reservation.

Customer service

We provide customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All orders are serviced irrespective of working hours or non-working hours of the office, if they are pre-made and confirmed.

Office hours

Standard working hours of our offices Monday - Friday from 10 am to 18-45 pm (in Tbilisi). We will serve you without additional surcharges from 08 to 19 hours from Monday to Friday, despite the fact that this is our non-working time. At other time we will also serve you, an additional fee will be charged if you receive / return the car earlier than 08 am or later than 19 hours or on Saturday, Sunday, public holidays.

Receiving a car, being late

If you receive a car at the airport, please indicate the number of your flight and arrival time, we will meet you, if the aircraft is late, we will still wait for you and your order will be valid. If you do not arrive on the specified flight, your order will be canceled.

If you receive a car in the office, indicate the time of receipt, when you want to visit our office. If you do not come at a specified time, and we cannot reach you (phone is disconnected, you do not respond our letters), your order will be canceled, if your order is paid, we will hold the car for next 12-24 hours for you, and after that it will be canceled without refund of paid reservation. If we have contacted you, but you transfer the reservation for other dates, the previous reservation (payment) is canceled no refund, and you can accept a new application.

Reservation by order form

The calculation is automatic, taking into account all the details of your order place and the time of collection and return the vehicle. Choosing different places to receive and return the car, you can get a different final rental price. In order to understand the reason for the different prices, click on the Order Details - here you can check all the additional services or order additional equipment.


When you get a car at our company we always provide you with a free parking for the car you have rented. The free parking will be working only for the city where you got a car. You can find out more details while receiving a car at our manager.

The paid parking exist in:

  1. Tbilisi
  2. Batumi
  3. Kutaisi
  4. Gori

You can pay for the parking for an hour a day, a week or a month, every city has its own time limits and cost.

How to pay for a parking

You can pay for the parking in several ways:

  1. Any payment terminal outside
  2. In any bank department if you show the cashier Vehicle Registration Certificate.
  3. Ask our manager to pay for a parking even if you are not in the office (with the help of a phone call)

Exceptions for parking

  1. There are some streets in Tbilisi that are not in the validity area of parking ticket, these are the central streets where you have to pay for the parking with a separate cheque and the parking on this street will never be included at our service.
  2. The parking in special areas: airport, railway station, market, other special and private places will be paid separately, these are the private or rented territories that the service of municipal parking does not cover up.

A fine for parking

If you parked a car and did not pay for the parking, the monitoring parking service will take a photo of a car and put a fine for this car that you will have to pay.

The places of Tbilisi with parking that is not included into the subscription

  1. Kote Abkhazi Street (close to the office of “ Race Rent a Car”, Kote Abkhazi Street, 22)
  2. Sulkhanishvili Street (there will be a shopping center Cerrefour (its address – Vekua Street, 3))
  3. Vekua Street (there will be Carrefour to the left)
  4. Atoneli Street, right against of Carrefour
  5. Mtkvari Street (the place in front of the houses #2-6)
  6. Pkhovi Street (in parallel with the restaurant of the Georgian cuisine)
  7. Revaz Tabukashvili Street (the place in front of the houses #8-14)
  8. Abano Street (the place in front of the houses #15-17)
  9. Ioseb Grishshvili Street (the place in front of the houses #10-26)

The territory of the car usage

Any our car may be used on the whole territory of Georgia, there is no need to warn us about your trip to any regions. There are also territories where it is forbidden to use a car:

  1. Territories under occupation: Abkhazia and South Ossetia – they are not under control of the Georgian government, it is strictly forbidden to drive there;
  2. The road to Ushguli after the cableway – the road is in a bad state, even the car with a high clearance will not cope with it. The result of the trip will be a destroyed car chassis and, as a rule, the external damage on the vehicle body because of the road. If you want to visit that place, then leave a car in Mestia and drive there on a local transfer, the cots will be 50-80 GEL for a car. Do you need the help in finding such a guide-transfer? Of course we will;
  3. Upper Omalo in Tusheti – here you can drive only in summer (and just for 2 months), when it is not raining and only SUV may cope with such a task. There are very arduous hills, the clef faces and no police. The police, an insurance company and an ambulance will not drive here. People die here every day.
  4. The road to Ushguli from Kutaisi – there is no road at all. The people drive here only in case of emergency. Take away from such a trip and a road, drive on the asphalt road through Zugdidi.
  5. Transajar main road, exactly the part of the road Batumi-Akhaltsilhe – the part of the road after Keda – Keda-Adigeni – the road is bad here, only SUV may cope with it, but after such a trip, you will have to repair the car chassis. Do not read on the forums about the indescribable beauties there, we will tell you about other places with much more beautiful nature and with a better road.

Real Car Photos

All real photos of cars you can see in our car park by clicking on the details on any car.


Additional information

We recommend you to read FAQ. There are you can find questions that asked frequently by our customers and answers.

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