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Articles, page 3

articles 83

Main Tbilisi Markets

Five main Tbilisi markets where you can buy wares why exactly and which products may be offered on Tbilisi markets

articles 82

National Parks and Natural Reserves of Georgia

The unique national parks and reserves in Georgia where you can have a good time while having a walk or using camping services

articles 81

David Gareja Monastery Complex

David-Gareja – an active cave monastery complex that saved well even despite the fact that in Soviet times there were military training exercises

articles 80

Tbilisi Monuments

The most famous and interesting monuments that were placed in Tbilisi, unique sculptures, consecrated to many heroes of Georgian culture

articles 79

The lonely mountainous Tusheti

Tusheti is famous for the fact that “Mimino” movie was shoot there, its nature, peculiarities of living in Tusheti, where to stay, religious issue

articles 78

Svaneti – Beautiful and Hard to Reach

Everything about the Upper and lower Svaneti, see Svaneti Towers and find out why the exist, visit Mestia village and the highest mountain Ushguli community

articles 77

Seldom-visited and Hard-to-reach Georgian Lakes

The list of the less known Georgian lakes that are rarely visited as by tourists, so by locals because they are very hard to reach

articles 76

Monastic complexes in Georgia

Monastic complexes in Georgia, about which many tourists and locals do not know, fascinating monasteries and their history

articles 75

Winter resort in Georgia (Gudauri)

Visiting the best winter resort Gudauri, which type of sport you can enjoy and where to stay: hostels and hotels

articles 74

The Peculiarities of Communicating with Police in Georgia

What to do and what not, when you were stopped by the police in Georgia and what the amount of fines you can get