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Seldom-visited and Hard-to-reach Georgian Lakes

The list of 4 hard-to-reach Georgian lakes

When you feel summer heat, you definitely want to swim in the cool lake water or just make a picnic on its bank. That is why we have a list of Georgian lakes for you, they are not easy to reach, but, when you overcome such a destination, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful views and its coolness. And even to fish at some lakes.

Hard-to-reach Georgian Lakes 1


Location: Racha Region (West Georgia).

Shaori Lake is located 1100 meters above sea level and is just a water-reservoir. It is a man-made lake not created by nature, after on the river of the same name was built a water-reservoir.

If you want to get to the lake just to swim there, we strongly advise you to take some food to make a picnic and have a snack or better to have a good meal (do not forget to take with you all the litter and evidence of your being on the lake). The cafes and restaurants are located far away from Shaori Lake.

It is not forbidden to swim and fish on the lake.

Hard-to-reach Georgian Lakes 2


Location: 60 kilometers from Kobuleti city

Tbikeli is one of the highest-mountain lakes on the territory of Georgia – it is located on the altitude of 2200 meters above sea level. However, it is not so deep if you compare it to other Georgian lakes. The deepest point is 20 meters and the average depth is 10 meters. The tourists that put tents and stayed for a night on the bank of Tbikeli Lake told that they have seen the most beautiful sunrise in the world. And also froze almost to death.

It is not forbidden to fish there but you will get nothing at Tbikeli Lake because no fish lives there. Only the tritons, which are into the Red List, live in the lake. You can also have a walk on the tourist trail or horse-riding expedition.

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Location: Samegrelo national park, Megrelia mountains.

The best time to visit is from the middle of the July till the end of the August. The name of Tobavarchkhili Lake is translated as “Silver Lake”. Even the whole day will not be enough to get to the lake that is why it is so rarely visited as by tourists so by locals. By the way, they shorten the name of the lake to the word “Toba” and do not pronounce it in whole.

The locals have two beliefs concerning Tobavarchkhili Lake:

  1. If you shoot from one bank of the lake, the bullet will never get to an opposite bank.
  2. It is rather simple to make it rain: it will be enough to swim in the lake and leave a coin. And there will be raining cats and dogs despite all the forecasts.
Hard-to-reach Georgian Lakes 3


Location: Samtskhe-Javakheti region. 60 kilometers from Borjomi

This is the deepest lake in Georgia (the deepest point is 40 meters) that is located on the altitude of 1991 meters above sea level. Also it is considered one of the hardest-to-reach lakes from every side it is surrounded by the tall and steep hills. And when you overcome them, you will find out that the bank of the lake is stony.

Swimming: it is not forbidden. However, the water of the lake is cold all year round. Even if you decided to get to the lake and swim there, when it is very hot outside, the temperature of water will not be more than 24 degrees Celcius.

Fishing: there are lot of trout and carps in the lake. You will just need to put it off the fishing tackle in time.

Hard-to-reach Georgian Lakes 4
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