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The Peculiarities of Communicating with Police in Georgia

Have you ever been stopped by the police in Georgia? Do not get scared, just read the below mentioned recommendations of communicating with the police. In the moment of need it will help you.

  1. Do not panicking or being rude, but tell honestly what you have done. Then, the police officers will try to make you being ashamed and even let you drive without a fine, if you are lucky.
  2. If the police officers stopped you, put the hands on the wheel and do not even think about leaving a car. It may be considered as an attack on the policeman and a threat to his life. In this case, he has a right to use his weapon.
    Just stay where you are, and the police office will tell you what to do.
  3. All the police officers are “equipped” with a small camera that records your whole talk. If you try to get rude or give a bribe you will make everything more complicated.

But if you think that the police officers were unfair towards you, you can easily complain on him. The proper authorities will carefully examine your complain, they will watch the record and decide what to do according to the law.

The Peculiarities of Communicating with Police in Georgia 1

Fines from the police

If you did something wrong or forbidden while driving – you may get a fine.

The most widespread fines and their amount we will consider next:

  1. For dropping a litter – the fine is 120 GEL. No matter what exactly you have dropped, the sum of fine will not be changed.
  2. For driving in a not sober state – the fine is 1 000 GEL. Georgia is considered being the best wine making, but this does not mean that the government stimulates drinking. Even if you just made one swallow – the test of the alcohol in your blood was positive – you will pay a fine for driving under the influence of alcohol.
The Peculiarities of Communicating with Police in Georgia 2

And even if you did not buckle because of you forgot or you did it intentionally, the police officers have the right to fine you.

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