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Can be made in any convenient way for you:
  1. • Call us on (+995) 514-577-555
  2. Send a message to Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram (+995) 514-577-555
  3. Online chat on the site
  4. Mail us to order@race.com.ge
  5. Online order on the site
Car delivery 24 hours a day.
Offices are always open Mon-Fri 10-19 hours - the rest of the time by the client’s order only
Auto booking service - daily 08 – 22
You can make it automatically using online booking form specifying the date, picking up time, the date, time and place of return of the car and choose any car according to the offered price
To have a cheaper price, choose the picking up/drop off of the car during business hours in the office.
The cost of the order is calculated based on the price for the day + the cost of extra charges and additional services. Supplements and services that are counted immediately depending on your choice:
  • Receiving and returning cars outside the office (unless special delivery actions are taken)
  • Receiving or returning the car to non-working or night time
  • "One way" tariff – receiving and returning a car in different cities
Unfortunately, all payments are made in the national currency, acceptance of payment in another currency is prohibited by law.
Unfortunately, it is impossible to make payment in foreign currency. The loss of money will be insignificant; we will recommend the most profitable exchangers for you. At the airport is also an excellent rate, often better than in the city.
It is possible, you only cannot combine payments, i.e. part of the payment made in cash, part with a card.
Unfortunately, the combination of payment is impossible. You have to pay everything in cash or with a card
We always take into account your wishes and try to provide the car you have chosen. But, booking is always goes to the car class, which is associated with the high risk of car rental business and the possibility of getting the car into an accident.
In this case, if a car breaks down or gets into a traffic accident, we will never leave you without a car, including the right to receive you a higher class car without raising the price.
Booking by class - the provision of a car in the appropriate price category and according to the classes listed on the site. If in one car class differ in the price category, then only a car with the same price in this class belongs to a specific class.
View the map on the page Contacts
Cannot find - call us back, write in Viber, WhatsApp – we will meet you.
It is possible in advance, book the car during the working hours, the reservation service (daily 08-22)
You can choose the option with prepayment and without. If you choose the option without prepayment, we will keep the reservation until the density of booking becomes critical and someone would want to pay for the reservation.
When paying for an order on the site, you will receive a receipt for the mail indicated by you when you pay
When you pay, you specify the name of the payer and the mail - the system will attach your order.
In this case, Sidorov should indicate the number of your reservation or send us a letter to order@race.com.ge, about the fact that Sidorov paid for Petrov.
We will provide a unique booking number that can be given to the operator or checked in your account on the website
In high season - May - October - it is better to book minimum 2 weeks before. Some customers make an order for 365 days - we do not have a limit, it is necessary to place an order. It all depends on you and the availability of cars.
If the site does not provide restrictions or specific rules for payment, it is possible to pay in cash at the office, to the enterprise’s account
The deposit will not be returned fully or partly if the car is damaged, regardless of your fault. The deposit is the sum of the franchise, that is, the insurance company does not pay for the damage equal to the amount of your deposit.
From the deposit can be withheld:
  1. Amounts for additional services
    1. Lack of fuel
    2. Car wash
    3. Rerun, when getting a car with a limited mileage
    4. Return of the car in a different place than indicated in the reservation / contract
  2. Franchise in the case of a road accident - in the amount of the deposit, if the amount of damage is higher than the amount of the deposit
  3. Damages that are not reported to the police or those are not covered by insurance
    1. Wheels - puncture cut
    2. Scratches and damage not reported to the police
    3. Loss of documents, car keys
For car washing, for rerun, when returning a car with insufficient fuel, returning the car in another place, extra days, loss of keys, registration certificate or license plate.
Do not leave the scene of an accident, just call us and, if necessary, an ambulance and the police. Or just call us, we will help you: we will call the police, insurance company and ambulance. Do not panic, we will give you full support.
Car rental for your period:
  1. CASCO insurance, third party insurance, life and health insurance
  2. Round-the-clock support
  3. Tires for the season
  4. All taxes and fees
  5. Replaceable car in case of breakage
Tires are always got changed by season: winter, summer.
The condition of tires according to the norms of the traffic police in Georgia.
Baby seat we provide necessarily at your request, the cost is $ 3 per day, but not more than $ 25 for the entire rental period. Also in Georgia there are no strict rules for the use of baby seats, it all depends on your desire.
At once dial us, at breakage of the car we give a replacement car in the same class or class above.
There are places that you cannot visit using our cars or where traffic is possible only in certain periods of the year. You can get acquainted with these places in the conditions of rental at the link
In case of a breakdown, immediately dial us, and we will deliver you in the shortest possible time a car similar to the class or higher
Upon arrival at the airport, you will be obliged to meet our manager with a sign on which your name will be written. If you are still lost, call us, we will necessarily orient you (+995) 514-577-555, viber, WhatsApp.
Just call us, we will help you find our manager at the airport. Perhaps you passed him.
We have one of the largest car fleets in Georgia; all our cars are in excellent technical condition. Thus there are a lot of cars of 2005-2017 years of release
Practically all cars have AUX, MP3, USB output, it all depends on the equipment of the car. If not, then you can specify that music is mandatory for you and we will put the emulator in the car to play music from the USB flash drive.
A deposit for a car is a franchise in the case of an accident that is the amount that the insurance company will not pay to us in case of the accident.
If you do not want to leave a deposit and lose your money if an accident occurs, there is no problem, you can purchase additional insurance for the car. Check the cost with our managers or when calculating the cost through the order form - choose Super Insurance.
You can order a particular brand of car and model of the car, without choosing a reservation for the class, that is, you will not have written Mercedes A class or alike, but it will be written clearly Mercedes A-class. This option is available for free if this car is the only one in the class or for a particular model there are differences in price. For example, in one class are Grandis and Toyota Sienna, Siena at the same time differs in price, when choosing Sienna - you will receive only such a car, since there are no others like this in this class. If there are several cars in the class, for example Nissan Note, Nissan Tiida, Mercedes A-Class, then the car will always be offered in the class. If you only need the car that you specified - read below how to do it.
You can order a specific car with a specific license plate or color, if it is very needed for you, but this service will cost from $ 100. Specify the amount from our managers; they will check the information according to your dates and rental period.
This service (one way) will cost you from 50 to 100 dollars depending on the city of receipt and return. This service is automatically calculated in the order form on our website when selecting different receiving cities.
Getting a car in non-working hours will cost you $ 10, at night 20-30 dollars. This option will be calculated automatically in the order form on the site if you specify a non-working or night time. The payment is charged to cover the costs of staff compensation in irregular time.
Insurance covers:
  1. Damage caused to the car:
    1. Due to an accident
    2. Due to the actions of third parties
    3. Vandalism
    4. Hijacking
    5. Disaster
  2. Damage caused to third parties
    1. If you hit someone's car
    2. Harmed a person or passengers in another car
  3. Harm to life and health
    1. The driver
    2. Passengers in our car
  1. If the incident is committed by a person not inscribed in the rental contract
  2. Occurrence committed while driving in the state of alcohol or drugs, drugs that slow down the reaction
  3. Hydroblow - water ingress into the engine of the car
  4. Punctures and cuts of tires
  5. Loss of keys, passport and car registration number
CASCO, insurance of your life and health, third party insurance
In Georgia we have paid parking only in 3 cities: Tbilisi, Batumi and Kutaisi. The rental price includes parking in one of the cities. You can order a subscription to parking in other cities. The cost 0.5 - 1 dollar a day, depending on the exchange rate, you can also purchase a subscription for a weekly parking - 3-4 dollars. You can also pay for parking in any bank terminal.
The franchise at the accident and damage to the car is unconditional, that is, regardless of your fault the insurance company will not pay the amount of your deposit. You can collect this money from the guilty person.
In Georgia, there are a lot of cameras that detect violations of traffic rules. Allowable speeding up to 10 km / h. If you still have a fine, you can pay it in any bank or ask our employees to do it. If you do not pay the penalty within 14 days, then it increases. An increase in the fine is possible up to a sum of $ 500. Not payment of the fine will threaten with a ban on entry into the country or by absentee driving license and when the police stop at a second visit to the country, you will be delivered to the police department and pay a penalty for driving without a driver's license, because you are deprived of it absent by the decision of the Georgian court.
We refund the deposit immediately when you return the car if it was paid in cash and within a few days if it was paid by a card. We will unlock the deposit within a few days, but crediting it to the card between banks can take within 7 to 30 days.
The deposit is debited from the card, and upon return of the car a letter is sent to the bank about the cancellation of the transaction.