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Areas where the rental car is restricted

We do not recommend the use of a car in the area, as under the terms of our agreement, the use of a car in these areas is prohibited. If you unilaterally use the car in these areas, you will be penalized for the car, but not less than the equivalent of 300 (three hundred) US dollars.

Places where the use of our cars is limited in Georgia:

  1. Occupied territories of the country:
    • South Ossetia
    • Abkhazia
  2. Upper Omalo in Tushetia - it is allowed to move only 2 months a year and only in case of absence of precipitation.
  3. Travel to Svaneti, farther the cable car on the way from Mestia to Ushguli a road is without coverage, sometimes dangerous.
  4. Travel on a short road from Batumi to Akhaltsikhe, part of the road Keda-Adygheni - there is no piece of road, it is not possible to travel by a passenger car, it is difficult to drive on an off-road vehicle.
  5. Passage to Ushguli through Lechkhumi village, on the road through Kutaisi - there is no road in this area and it is difficult to find the way on the map. Some tourists still find this road, how they find it is also a mystery to us. The road is absent and even the passage on an off-road vehicle causes difficulties.
  6. Departure abroad of Georgia - only after receiving special insurance and documents that will give you the opportunity to cross the border.

We issue a card indicating these zones with each contract.

Why do we prohibit travel to these territories?

  1. The occupied territories and travel abroad of Georgia is against the law and the official border won’t let you cross it. Special trips and documents are made for traveling abroad. Departure to the occupied territories is impossible because of the conflict and lack of legal regulation on these territories.
  2. Passage through the territories is limited due to the danger of roads, poor road surface, which leads to significant damage or deterioration of cars, life-threatening. This is not a safari and driving on these places cannot be carried out.

For example! Many tourists would like to drive along the road Keda-Akhaltsikhe, there are no problems you can go from Batumi to Kedy or from Tbilisi to Akhaltsikhe, the road is excellent, but then horror. If your average speed is 60-90 km/h, then along the road Keda-Akhaltsikhe or the Transjadzhar mainline, you will spend 4-5 hours traveling 30-40 km.

Having traveled more recently on this area, and we do it responding to your comments. We found many foreign cars. Seeing the Mercedes S class in the 222 body with the Russian numbers we could not stand it and stopped. They asked the driver how he could have come here with this car. The driver said: I got a navigator here. Come back, we said! No, I do not want to, I already crossed 2 rivers in a ford by car and I do not want to do it again - the driver answered. We cried! We felt sorry for the car and the tourist who had come here.

Please listen to our recommendations. We understand that somebody does not care. If you are from this category – we have nothing in common to do with you.

What will happen if you go to the ban zone.

  1. You will be fined in the amount of the deposit, but not less than 300 US dollars
  2. The car will automatically shutdown immediately or after a while. Its inclusion can be made automatically if you drove slightly from the boundary of the zone.

Continuation of traffic in this direction will lead to automatic disconnection of the car and the need for its evacuation by special equipment.For your reference: the cost of evacuating a car from Ushguli to Batumi is about 600 GEL that is 240-250 dollars.

Do you think that after reading this article you have nowhere to go? Not true! We will find you millions of wonderful places to travel, don’t take chances and spoil your holiday. Read our website, see the recommendations.

Still have questions? Write to us, we will publish answers or prepare material on this issue.

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