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Modern buildings, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia

Modern buildings, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia - image

Georgia and Tbilisi are characterized by a large number of attractions. Most tourists go to explore the natural landscapes, mountains, some are looking for historical sites in Georgia. The historical sites a lot of, there you can find the sites of the ancient Romans, the first Christians., There were several states on the territory of Georgia. It was active area with a lot of fights, agriculture and the national crafts.

Dwelling on the historical and natural landmarks of the country, do not forget that there are quite a few modern buildings that could take a worthy place among the architectural masterpieces of the world heritage. Who knows, maybe in a few years we will see that Georgia has become much more popular than Paris. The Eiffel Tower was of no value and it was originally thought to be the ugliness of Paris. Today it is a world heritage for the sake of which they go to Paris.

What kind of buildings to see in Georgia:

  1. The building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Tbilisi
  2. The building of the monetary depository of the Bank of Georgia
  3. The Central Office of the Bank of Georgia
  4. Building of Justice
  5. The building under construction of the new opera
  6. The building of McDonalds in Batumi
  7. Modern buildings in Batumi from Orbi Group
  8. Piazza in Batumi

If we have not indicated anything, we will be grateful for your help in expanding this material.

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