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TOP 25 places in Batumi to visit

Here we will observe TOP places of interest in Batumi that are worth visiting, some of them for beautiful photos and some others will just be interesting for you. Generally, the biggest part of its places are modern buildings that have created an outside view of Batumi

  1. Chacha Tower – a tower with a tap where you can drink a real Georgian chacha. There is some chacha in a peak season, in the low season there may be no chacha.
  2. Ali and Nino sculpture – the most beautiful sculpture of the beginning of the male and female. Modern, metallic, dynamic.
  3. Ali and Nino Race
  4. Ferris wheel – a symbol of Batumi, you can see it from any point of the city and this wheel is on every photo.
  5. Georgian Alphabetic Tower – there is a restaurant on a top of it, it is beautifully lightened in the night. This is an unusual futuristic building. The elevator works, but you can also use the stairs.
  6. Agrarian university with a golden amusement ride on a top of it – unfortunately it does not work. It was built by Bendukidze. On the top of the building there is a golden colored seesaw.
  7. A square with fountains in front of the palace of wedding ceremony – the marriage palace is built in the form of the swan tale, there is a big square with fountains and bridges. The children like running there just under the fountain water and have fun when they becoming wet. You will feel very fine being in their shoes in hot summer evening.
  8. A walkway of summer park, colonnade and bamboo grove – it goes right from the palace of wedding ceremony to the summer theater, you can have a walk just for 10 minutes.
  9. Summer theater – the building looks like being more of the Japanese or Chinese style. It was built for the different performances to be held there.
  10. Summer theater in Batumi Race
  11. Sheraton Hotel – this is a monumental building, one the best hotels in Batumi. The building is tall and very beautiful.
  12. The house with a sculpture and a cage – close to the Sheraton hotel was created a sculpture that looks like a cage. There is the same ornament that was put on the old building near the sculpture. It is lightened in the night in a beautiful and unusual way.
  13. Sheraton hotel Race
  14. Japanese garden and Hilton hotel – there is a Japanese garden close to the Hilton hotel, it was made in traditional Japanese style. You can pass near the two Hilton en bloc twins – this are the hotel and living apartments, under the management of international group.
  15. Hilton hotel Race
  16. A square in front of Batumi dramatic theater named after Chavchavadze with a beautiful fountain made in the ancient Greek style with the goddesses from which breasts the water is running, Neptune fountain is finishing all of these sculptures.
  17. Medea square – is one of the central squares in Batumi, where a beautiful sculpture is located. It tells you the old story-legend about Adjara and Georgia.
  18. Astronomical clock – right on this square close to Medea sculpture is an interesting house with intriguing clock where you cannot see the time.
  19. Piazza square – this is a complex of hotels, restaurants right in the center of old Batumi, here you can find a comfortable pastime, beautiful architecture, a copy of Venetian San-Marko square. Open space, music and dances everything of this is quite suitable for warm European evenings in Batumi.
  20. Piazza square Race
  21. Saint Nicolai church – close to the Piazza square, there is a renovated little church but that looks quite strange. The church attracts your vision and you will have a desire to enter there. The entrance is free.
  22. A mosque in the Turkish square – the mosque is still working, here are Turkish pilgrims and local Muslims.
  23. A park of the 6th of May with small ships and a dolphinarium – there is a zoo (very poor one), now the entrance is free, here are some attractions for the children and an artificial pond where you can ride a boat. There is a beautiful fountain with stone improvisation that is held with the help of the power of flowing water. The dolphinarium is close to this park, there are 3 daily performances, you can even swim with dolphins. The performance is great and the entrance ticket is cheap.
  24. The first Macdonald`s in Batumi – this is a design building, the only one in the whole world. It was built as a cascade, on the territory of the restaurant there are some open gardens verandahs that function as a roof for Socar gas station. You will never know from the first sight whether it is a restaurant or a gas station.
  25. The justice building and the dancing fountains – it was built as a first one among other new buildings in this region. It took just 5 years for this region to be built with skyscrapers and the most beautiful houses. A big lake with dancing fountains are located close to the justice building. The show is going on daily at 10 pm where a ballet and other things projected with the help of the laser on the water fountain.
  26. Orbi Towers and Colosseum hotel – a great amount of beautiful and modern buildings are created in one place – this is the hotel Colloseum, Orbi Towers and a restaurant that is projected upside down.
  27. Orbi Towers Race
  28. Metro city shopping center, Euphory hotel and the most beautiful park – there are the totally new buildings, created just a couple of years ago. Here are the most beautiful park and a big shopping center. This is the only Mall in Batumi. The mall belongs to the Turkish people and it was projected in Turkish hotels strict manner.
  29. Metro city shopping center Race
  30. A beach and an airport – not far from Metro city shopping center there is a beach close to the takeoff strip. If you sunbathe here, you will be able to observe the places that are flying above you and take some photos against the plane.
  31. An old city – there is the flair, renovated buildings and a beauty of old Batumi. Those who like old buildings regions, such as Prague and Lviv will like and share the flair of old Batumi. It is especially beautiful where the buildings were renovated but in harmony with an old style of the old city.
  32. old city in Batumi Race
  33. A funicular on the fairy mountain, the locals call it “Phantomas mountain” – there is a funicular building on the port Embankment that will take you in the glass cabin on the mountain. There is a great view when the sky is clear, also you can find here an observation deck and a cafe. When you will be in the funicular cabin, you will see a city spread before your eyes: the local patios, cemeteries, parks and even private houses with a backyard.
“Phantomas mountain Race

We are sure you will like Batumi and you want to return back again into this warm and sunny city.

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