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Accommodation and car rental in Georgia for free

Have you longed for a vacation? How about a holiday in the mountains? It is expensive! No. It's FREE! If you want to visit Georgia see all the beauty take a ride in different places and not to pay for it - we all offers for you.

In what trick? Where is fraud? There is no fraud. RACE really offers accommodation and a car for FREE!

We suggest you to visit Georgia in October and November 2017.At visit during a low season we guarantee:

  1. Accordance of one or more different cars for use FREE OF CHARGE for 5 days.
  2. We provide free housing in a separate 2-room apartment in the center of Tbilisi for 5 days.

Our offer is available for the rest period from 01.10.2017 to 30.11.2017.

For execution of the application write to us an e-mail to :order@race.com.ge

With the subject FREE REST in Georgia together with RACE.COM.GEE

The letter should be sent, undergo processing upon the fact of your request, our reservation department will contact you and clarify all the details as well as inform about the possibility of providing such a service.

All applications are submitted before September 10, 2017, applications submitted later aren`t considered.

Requirements for a tourist who wants to use the service of rent and accommodation in Georgia for free:

  1. The age isn't younger than 21 years and an experience of driving not less than 3 years.
  2. 1. To be an active blogger in any of the networks:
    1. VK
    2. Odnoklassniki
    3. Facebook
    4. LiveJournal
    5. Google +
    6. Twitter
  3. To make a blog post about our company and get at least 1000 likes and at least 100 reposts
  4. The number of persons who accompany the blogger is limited of 1 person that is the tourist +1 (the girlfriend, the friend, the spouse.)

In case you aren`t an active blogger or if the volume of your audience doesn`t satisfy us we can limit the service for example only by providing a car which we will notify you immediately after you apply to us.

All blogs and appeals are evaluated individually and on the basis of our internal requirements. The number of cars and places of residence for free is limited. HURRY be the first!

FREE rest begins. Forward! For new sensations.

Write to us: order@race.com.ge

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