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International Classification of Insurances

Throughout the world, you can often meet with abbreviations, which help to reduce the name of insurance. We will consider the most common, we will give the answers what they designate, and also specify which insurance we have for you.

Well, the basic insurances are:

  • CDW (LDW) - Collision Damage Waiver (Lost Damage Waiver) are absolute synonyms and you can find the name of the same insurance written as CDW or as LDW. For a simple understanding of what this insurance means, this is a simple CASCO, which is found everywhere and in every country. If it's even simpler: it's insurance for damage to the car you drive. If you happen to have an accident, a natural disaster and ... this insurance will repair the car you were driving.
  • Attention! This insurance always comes with a franchise (the amount that is not covered by the insurance company). More details on the franchise can be found in our article on the insurance franchise.
  • SCDW (FCDW) - Super Collision Damage Waiver (Full Collision Damage Waiver) - synonyms. Such insurance is a complete CASCO with 0 franchise. There are varieties and cover applies to something else besides the full standard CASCO, you are also given a bonus coverage on the tires, keys, sometimes this insurance has a different name. Super insurance or insurance with a full "zero", usually not included in the cost of rent and is ordered additionally.
  • TP (TI) - Theft protection (Theft insurance) - this is also synonymous, this insurance against theft. In most countries it works as a separate insurance i.e. in the first case, we considered CASCO without hijacking. This insurance guarantees compensation for theft. When renting a car always pay attention if there is this type of insurance. In some very safe countries such insurance may not be needed.
  • PAI - Personal Accident Insurance - life and health insurance. When you go on a trip, as a rule you already have insurance, very often companies additionally provide life and health insurance for the driver or drivers and passengers.
  • TPL - Third Party Liability Insurance - analogue of OSAGO. In some countries it is a compulsory insurance, in some there is not. Therefore, rent companies can provide insurance services similar to car insurance. To explain this insurance is even easier, it insures damage to third parties, i.e. if you damaged another car (not the one that was driving), shot down a person .... this insurance will pay for the repair of that (third) car, the treatment of a person.
  • Insurance provided by our company in Georgia:

  • These insurances are included in the rental price - CDW, TP, TPL, PAI with a franchise equal to deposit.
  • SCDW insurance can be ordered additionally, it has several varieties.
  • We hope this article allows you to understand the international encodings of rent and make the right choice. If you have any questions or you would like to learn more about insurance in general or in our company, write to us: info@race.com.ge

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