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Have me for...

We started action "HAVE ME FOR ..."

Now you can rent a car with a vaery cheap price. The promotion is valid in:

The essence of the action: you get a car for special offers, price valid from 1 day rental, we do not write on the billboards price of ... .. and ask that you book a car for 30 days. Any specified price action "Have me for ... .." is valid regardless of the rental period, take 1 or 10 days - the price is one.

What are the benefits you get with the action carried out by:

  • The same cars
  • The same insurance
  • cheap price
  • Limit 200 km daily mileage

What we did share

Out of season, it will help you save on rent and services to get more from visiting Georgia.

How to use

Find our car advertising “HAVE ME FOR….." and look the price set there, call, announce the price that you have seen, and the model name and you will get a car under these conditions and price. Prices for rental cars "HAVE ME FOR…… start from 10 USD per day.

Hurry up to take advantage of the offer.

Offer does not apply to:

  • Advance booking
  • Those who have not seen the advertising cars
  • Those who have already booked a car
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