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Special offer especially for everyone who has long dreamed of driving cabrio, but could not afford such pleasure, because cabrio is expensive. We decided to fix this injustice and present you a summer full of cabrio.

If you order a convertible before 15.04.2019 for any period in any period of the year, we are ready to offer you cabrio for $ 45 a day. Or, $ 41, if you are ready to pay the order for 100% immediately after ordering the car.

The deposit will also be reduced to $ 400.

Mercedes SLK cars will fall under this promotion, note that in all cars there is a hardtop, which is hidden automatically, as well as only two places - there are no car seats behind.

If the roof is on the car - there is enough space in the trunk for a small suitcase, for example, if you are two and you only have hand luggage, if you want to decompose the roof, you will have to get your luggage (leave it at the hotel).

Order Cabrio Summer right now.

Any questions? Email: info@race.com.ge, + 995-514-577-555 or + 995-514-896-896 viber, WhatsApp, telegram

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