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Rent a car Toyota Vitz 

Toyota Vitz 

Technical specifications / equipment
Engine: 1300 sm3
Fuel consumption: 8.0 l per 100km
Fuel type: petrol
Gearbox type: Automatic
Air conditioning: yes
Number of seats: 5
Type of drive: front-wheel drive
Music: CD and radio
Volume of trunk: 272 l
 Toyota Vitz

The Vitz is the Japanese brother of Yaris, the same car, but only with truly Japanese blood and is made for the domestic market of Japan. The quality of the car is much better than in Yaris. All cars with steering wheel located on the left. The car has a console, which is located in the middle between the passenger and driver's seat, so in order to look at the devices, the driver will not look ahead, under the steering wheel, but to the right. All cars have a 1.3 liter engine. The trunk has a number of advantages, despite the fact that it is a small car, the volume of the luggage compartment can be adjusted manually, that is increased or reduced. The volume of the luggage compartment is adjustable due to the movement of the rear sofa, reducing the legroom for the rear passengers, you reach a larger volume of the trunk.

Pay attention to our video review of real Toyota Vitz in Georgia:

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