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Dedicate some time to Bakuriani

This ski resort is especially popular in winter, the reason why is clear. However, even in summer there are a lot of tourists who come here to breathe fresh mountain air. There work many hotels and chairlifts in winter, but there are less of them in summer. You can enjoy here skiing, snowboarding. You can spend your time horse-riding or have a walk in Bakuriani park. When choosing among Bakuriani and Gudauri ski resorts, tourists usually choose Gudauri because it is easier to get there from Tbilisi. However, except for ski resort, you can find a lot of interesting landmarks and things to do in Bakuriani surroundings.

Tabatskuri Lake

This lake is considered one of the deepest ones – it is 40 meters deep. It is mostly due to this reason that the water is cold almost all year round. Even when it is hot in summer, the water is no warmer than 24 degrees Celsius. Tabatskuri is located 1991 meters above sea level. It is hard to reach it, as there are steep hills and the shore is stony. The flora is rather poor, there are almost no plants, but there are many trout and carps.

Dedicate some time to Bakuriani 1

Timotesubani Temple

The temple was built in 1195-1225 on the ruins of an ancient religious building of the 8th century. The walls and domes were painted in the beginning of the 13th century and even nowadays they look great, everybody can have a look at them. The official name of the temple is The Temple of the Dormition of the Mother of God and it is one of the best examples of the Georgian Medieval religious art. Nowadays, starting from 1994, the church services are held there on a regular basis.

Dedicate some time to Bakuriani 2

Tkhratskharo Pass

Tkhratskharo Pass is located in the West part of Trialetis edge on the altitude of 2462 meters above sea level. There are some roads and interesting ways that lead from this pass. For example, you can visit Bakuriani resort, but only on SUV because you will have to drive off-road. There is Tabatskuri lake and Nariani plain not far from the pass, where you can drive peacefully, enjoying beautiful landscapes.

Dedicate some time to Bakuriani 3

Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park

Different landscapes is a pride of Borjomi-Kharagauli national park: there are a lot of lakes, beautiful valleys and mountains. The park is also rich with its fauna: here you will such rare (for this country) species of birds and animals as golden eagle, forest wild cat and Caucasian red deer. The park is located on the territory of 76 hectares and it takes you more than one day to examine it.

Dedicate some time to Bakuriani 4
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