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Gastronomic specialties

The food you have never tested in Georgia but you must eat it

Being in Georgia – is not just about beautiful landscapes, sea, mountains, specific human color. Georgia is also about tasteful food. Speaking personally, you can eat to satiety different specialties, local cuisine.

Georgian cuisine is very tasteful. The peculiarity is that it is especially tasty here – in Georgia. Worldwide there are hundreds of Georgian restaurants, but because of a climate or the products, they are not of that taste, as in Sakartvelo (the name of Georgia in the Georgian language).

What do the tourists eat in Georgia?

As a rule, the tourist eat standard Georgian dishes. Khachapuri, khinkali, shashlik – is a must, though it is not worth eating it and it is not Georgian at all, kharcho soup and other dishes, that we remember from childhood and about which we have asked here but and we can understand them from the menu.

Goodies of Georgia 1

At our opinion in Georgia you should eat other, more deep and interesting dishes.

What should you taste in Georgia?

This is not a full list of what you should taste, but we strongly recommend you to order these very dishes. Of course, the state may differ, depending on a restaurant that you have chosen and the mastery of a cook. But you will not mistaken in the majority of the restaurants.

  1. Different dishes in ketsi. Ketsi is a clay pan. There are very tasteful champignons that are baked with cheese. Also the eggplants baked with nuts in ketsi will not leave you indifferent. Everything is very tasty.
  2. Goodies of Georgia 2
  3. Khachapuri on a skewer. Of course you will taste Adjarian khachapuri, Mingrelian khachapuri, Imereti khachapuri. But it will not come to your mind to order or just ask about such a dish as a khachapuri on a skewer. It is obligatory for you to order such a khachapuri, especially if you tasted the others. It is a special dish and it is cooked very appetizing. One of our tourist shared his story how he has tasted it: the tourists likes such a khachapuri, he often orders it, when he comes to Georgia. He came home and went to Georgian restaurant and decided to order this dish there. He was surprised when he was given cheese baked into puff pastry, not as it is in Georgia.
  4. Different dishes in ketsi. Ketsi is a clay pan. There are very tasteful champignons that are baked with cheese. Also the eggplants baked with nuts in ketsi will not leave you indifferent. Everything is very tasty.
  5. Goodies of Georgia 3

    Khachapuri on a skewer – it is zero puff pastry, this is a big portion of Georgian cheese and a little bit of pastry, but not a puff one.

    While eating khachapuri on a skewer, taste buds send you an unforgettable impressions. Baked cheese, a little bit of pastry, the sense of fire… Maybe the Georgian warriors cooked it in crusades and it is this very tradition to cook khachapuri in such a way.

    Goodies of Georgia 4
  6. Spicy – a meat dish in ketsi. Do not be scared of the word “spicy”. This does not mean at all that the dish is spicy. The meat is very tasteful, tender, hot. It may remind you about roast meat. On practice we tasted not the spicy meat, in this case it would be overdried. In spicy dish, the meat is not overdried, it is tender and melts in your mouth, just a masterpiece with a nice taste of Georgian spices.
  7. Goodies of Georgia 5
  8. Khinkali – is a kind of big dumplings or ravioli. The peculiarities of khinkali are very juicy. There is a special method of eating khinkali. It is a must to take it for its tail, bite from one side, drink the juice and eat the khinkali. The locals do not eat “a leg” of khinkali. It is the very same mark how to define whether the tourists eat the khinkali for the first time, or he is just starving.
  9. Goodies of Georgia 6

    Khinkali may contain meat (different types), with greens (spicy) or with cheese. There are also Asian khinkali when they are baked in the oven and are given to you with a soy sauce – finger licking good.

    Goodies of Georgia 7
  10. Lemonades

Georgia has really saved the great taste of lemonades. Here you can have a drink that reminds you about childhood. These are the lemonades with taste of grape, pear, tarragon.

Many tourists do not know that the most tasteful lemonade is a cream-soda (another name is dairy cream. It is a must for you to order lemonade.

Goodies of Georgia 8

In order to taste all the dishes of Georgian cuisine, we will need to write the whole cook book. It will be a huge book. We wrote only about standard dishes their types that you have never tasted. It is necessary for you to order them. Tell us about them.

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