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The reverse side of new buildings in Batumi and Georgia


The reverse side of new buildings in Batumi and Georgia - image

You probably heard many times about new buildings in Batumi or Georgia and how to buy them.

We want to show the reverse side of new buildings in Batumi and Georgia within the framework of this publication. The purpose of the article is not to discourage you from buying real estate or insulting Georgia, the goal is only an understanding of the realities. These realities can be the same or worse in your country, and perhaps even better. You always make a decision.


Back side

What are the drawbacks in the new buildings of Batumi and Georgia:

  1. Very bad entrances and corridors - you may encounter the fact that there is no repair in the corridor at all. Do not be frightened of the house not at the stage of putting it into operation, it has already been put out for a long time. What is going on in your corridor, elevator and .... Why there are open places in which the child can fall as on a construction site? Why a dirty elevator and everything else, why there are no windows in the entrance? These way build a lot of developers, that is, do not allocate money to public places in general. If there are better complexes, then often these public areas become unusable very quickly. These do not please the eye at all.
  2. Most elevators are payable, that is, you pay fare by coins, or pay by a card. If you are on vacation, naturally the ascent will be paid each by you, and you will have them up to 20 per day.
  3. The infrastructure with parking is poorly developed, that is, 3 nearby houses of 25 floors each with 400 apartments have a parking lot for 40 cars, parking is very difficult and almost impossible.
  4. Expensive internet and household fee, if you compare with Ukraine, for example.
  5. Bad quality building materials because of what very fast aging of houses and a new building in 5-10 years becomes an old house.
  6. Poorly arranged adjacent territory, very often dirt and construction close by.
  7. Seasonality - if you want to rent out your apartment, consider the seasonality, but it is there, only two active months of rest.


Pluses that are:

  1. A good price for a property near the sea
  2. This is still a new house, not secondary housing
  3. Ability to register real estate for a foreigner



Do you have any questions or additions, write: info@race.com.ge

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