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H1 Telavi: only the most interesting sightseeings of the city

Telavi – is one of the most ancient cities in Kakhetia region, its history dates back to 1-2nd century AD. At that time the city had a main role of trading ways between the Near East and the Europe. Nowadays – this if the heart of Kakhetia region, famous for as a center of wine making, and a place where Soviet movie “Mimino” was filmed.

Telavi – is a small town, where only 20 000 lived according to the last census.

The town is rich in historical places. The sightseeings that are worth looking at:

Sycamore that is 800 years old

This is the most famous place of interest in the whole Telavi town. At least tourists are coming here right after they arrive at Telavi. It is so big that 12 people can enfold it, no less.

The sycamore is so ancient that cannot exist without a man`s help: the ropes are holding the branches, and the barrel is folded with concrete. Only in this way, the tree has survived the last storms.

According to local superstitions, the sycamore makes your wishes come true if you place your hand at it.

Telavi 1

Batonis Tsikhe fortress

The name of the fortress is translated from Georgian in different ways. It is called “God Fortress” and also “The Host Fortress” because from the end of 17-th century till the beginning of the 18th century it is served as a residence of Heraclius II. Though Kakhetian people built it for the protection of the enemies, the fortress walls protected Russian garrison from the Kakhetians themselves, that rebelled in 1812.

Telavi 2

Gremi Castle

It is located in the Telavi on the bank of Intsoba river. On its territory you can see:

  • The castle
  • Archangels Church
  • The Bell Tower

Nowadays, the church is opened for any visitor. From the inside it is decorated with frescoes, icons and images of the saint ones, as any other church.

You can visit the castle at any day except fro Monday – this is a day off.

Telavi 3


Tsinandali village is located 10 kilometers from Telavi where the best Kakhetian wine is made. Tourists come here to see an ancestral estate of Chavchavadze family. It was built 200 years ago or so. At the very moment the estate became a home-museum of Chavchavadze, where you can find out more about the life of its previous host Alexander Chavchavadze.

Also there is a winery on the territory of the village: here you can taste and buy the wines you like most.

Telavi 4

Of course to visit all the places of interest of Telavi, the best decision will be to rent a car. Get acquainted with our fleet and choose a car of your taste.

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