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Super insurance - liability 0

Do you want not to worry about a traffic accident if you rented a car? We do so by ourselves, if we rent a car, we always order additional insurance.

Advantages of additional insurance:

  1. At occurrence of any insurance event - you lose nothing.
  2. No need to leave a deposit for the car.
  3. The nervous system is in place, you continue to rest.

How can I order an additional insurance?

Just choose Super Insurance in the ordering form on our website and pay it immediately or upon arrival.

Forgot to book insurance on the web? Order it from the manager when you receive the car.

How much is the extra insurance

The price depends on the class of the car, starts from 70 US dollars. If you take a car for 7 days it's only 10 dollars a day, not expensive.

What to do if the accident occurs, if you have additional insurance

  1. Do not leave the scene of accident.
  2. Let us know about the accident.
  3. Wait for the police patrol and complete all the documents, following our prompts and instructions from the police.

We will help you to arrange insurance right now: info@race.com.ge, (+995) 514-577-555

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