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Adzharia is the pearl of Georgia


Adzharia is a part of modern Georgia, an autonomous republic that has its own local authorities, culture, cuisine, which are the part of Georgian culture, but have some differences.

At the beginning of our era, Adjaria was a part of the Colchis state and played an important role as a coastal marine area. Here developed such cities as Batumi, Asparos (modern Gonio), Pichvnari.

Christianity came to the lands of Georgia and Adjara very early, sources say that it happened in the 1st century AD. The coming of Christianity is connected with the name of Andrew the First-Called. There are even historical memos about the location of Andrei here.

Georgia is one of the cradles of Christianity, which is why you can often hear that Georgia is the land of the Virgin.

People here are all pious, they preserve all Christian teachings, that's why in Georgia they are always welcome to an occasional guest, they will feed you, give you food and give you a night's lodging, such hospitable Georgians.

Today Adjara is a big administrative center, here tourism and transport environment are developed.


There are such tourism is popular in Adjara:

  • Sea - beach vacation
  • Ecotourism: rural, as well as bird watching
  • Wine - a large number of diverse wines, wine houses and producers attract tourists, sommeliers and connoisseurs of wine
  • Business - Batumi and Adjara have a significant number of business and business centers, there are deals and business meetings, trainings
  • Gaming - a large number of casinos and gaming houses, a special zone in the territory of Georgia, attracts tourists to Adjara
  • Cruise - here comes a large number of sea liners, as the location and review location


The climate in Adjara is subtropical.

The region is bordered with Turkey, just 20 km from Batumi.

The population of the Adjara region is only 380 thousand people, the region consists of 2 cities and 5 municipalities.


The region has developed transport:

  • The railway, which connects the region with the capital of Georgia, and also performs cargo transportation of goods arriving to the port on ships
  • Air transport - Batumi International Airport, which is in concession with the Turkish company. The airport has a seasonal load, there are many flights in the summer and not much in winter
  • Bus service - presented by local and international carriers. Flights are made in the direction of the capital, to Turkey and other regions.
  • Car rental - developed, represented by a number of international and local companies
  • Bicycle transport - a large number of bike scoring, as well as small rental points developed in Batumi.
  • Renting a car in Adjara, like all transport, is not limited to movement only in the Adjara region. I rented a car - travel all over Georgia.


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