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Police station in Georgia

After the Georgian reforms, the police works fine. Georgia is one of the safest countries in the world. There is a very low level of theft and crimes. The cars do not steal, phones do not steal, although today there are already some episodes.


What do you need to know about the police in Georgia

  1. A policeman is your friend and helper, will always help, come to the rescue and always do everything right.
  2. A policeman does not take bribes, do not even try to offer, get in trouble
  3. It is not necessary to argue with the policeman, there are no unnecessary quibbles or misunderstandings on their part
  4. There is no road police in Georgia, pedestrian and car patrols have equal powers, from registering crimes, detaining criminals, to regulating traffic and imposing fines
  5. The police work is very transparent, even police stations from glass


How the police work

The police work is fully automated, the response rate of the patrol for violation is 2-3 minutes. Often, when an incident occurs, no one calls the police, it comes alone, reacting to surveillance cameras.

The police have one of the highest salaries in the country, they are provided with the latest cars, special means.

Do not compete in speed with police cars, they are still faster and more powerful.


The police are good to tourists, but merciless to violators.

If you do illegal or make crimes. For example, driving a car in a state of intoxication, undermining the state system or inciting religious, national intolerance, the police will react very harshly.


How to call the police

To call the police, ambulance, it is necessary to dial out a single number 112. They speak Russian. Tell about your problem and they will arrive very quickly.


Payment the police fine

If you were subjected to an administrative fine by the police, it must be paid within 10 days. Payment is not made on site, it is only necessary to pay fines in the bank.

If it's hard for you to pay, contact us, we will help.


Ignoring police demands

Ignoring the demands of the police, not paying fines, may lead to deportation from the country or a ban on entry into the country.

If you did not pay the police fine, at first it will double, then triple and so it can grow up to 10 times. You do not pay it, you do not care, you left everything. If you arrive even after 10 years, then you are already deprived of the driver's license in absentia, the police got caught with a document, even without, you will not be released without an additional fine, up to imprisonment.


Be friendly with the police and obey the laws of the host country.

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