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All the beaches of Georgia: the full TOP-list

When you have a rest in Georgia, as well as in another country with free beaches, you may ask yourself, which beach is better to choose, where you can have great time.

Especially for you we made TOP-list of beaches with the descriptions. The beaches were arranged according to such criteria, as:

  1. The presence of people and some free space – the less people are on the beach – the better
  2. The water purity – whether the water is clear
  3. The beach cleanness –the absence of dirt
  4. The presence of infrastructure: dressing rooms, cafes, umbrellas and deck-chairs
  5. The comfort of living close to the beach.
 beaches of Georgi

The beaches Kvariati, Gonio, Sarpi

These beaches got the highest marks. The location of the beach – just 5 kilometers from Batumi and 1-2 kilometers to the border with Turkey.

There are not many people, the beaches are very beautiful as there are the most beautiful landscapes with green mountains, houses just on these mountains that remind you more about Acapulco than about Georgia. The sea is very clear there, maybe it is one the most pure on the territory of Georgia. You can use umbrellas and deck-chairs any time you like, they are twice cheaper than in Batumi. The restaurants infrastructure is very poor, the embankment is very short.

There are nowhere to go for a walk in the evening. The positive thing is that there are many shops and restaurants.

The level of the service in the hotels and the places for a living is much poorer than in Batumi, but the landscape is more beautiful. The sea is very clear and it is so deep.

It is a great place for having a quiet rest on the beach. If you are looking for somewhere to have a walk in evenings - just go to Batumi or spend your time watching on the sunset and the sea with a wineglass.

The beaches Kvariati

The botanical garden beach, Batumi

We can put it some of the highest marks. There is a very beautiful view. The beach consists of just a narrow line, and the mountain cape that is hanging near – it is more than 30 meters high. There are a lot of people, especially in the peak-season. It is hard to reach the beach: you need to go through a botanical garden (and of course, you will have to buy the tickets). You will have to cross a big distance, going through the garden. There is almost no infrastructure. You will not find a place for living there: the closest ones are in Batumi, Chakvi or some other places.

Makhinjauri beach, Chakvi

These beaches are very close to Batumi. The water is as clear as in Batumi, as the harbor is very close. The beach is very clear and there not many people. The infrastructure on the umbrellas and the deck-chairs seems to be the poorest, as well as the beach restaurants.

There live those who want to find the place at the most reasonable price and be close to Batumi.

The botanical garden beach, Batumi

Ureki beach, Magnetiti

The most positive thing is that the sand has a high concentration of magnesium – it is healing. The beach is not infrastructural at all, the cafés and the coastal area looks like more cheap and chaotic resort. It reminds about the Azov sea or Feodosia in Crimea.

The sea is warm and not deep. Especially the children like this place as they can throw sand, put it on your body – with a benefit for your health.

There are many tourists and local ones on the beach, but there are quite a lot of space. You will be surprised when comparing this beach with Kvariati and Makhinjauri ones.

Ureki beach

Batumi beach

There are a lot of people on the beach. But the beach consists of 15-30 lines, where you can have a rest. Of course, five ones are always full of people, but it is just 20% of the coast line as everybody wants to locate closer to the sea. That is why they are located tightly.

The water is not very pure, as the harbor is close and many of them are constantly in the water. The beach may be characterized as a not clear one, as there is some rubbish in the sand: the visitors left the peach stones in hope that one day they will turn into trees and swing corns will provide them with new corns.

The infrastructure is of a high level – there are many umbrellas and lots of restaurants. It is quite comfortable to live here as you can have a walk on the great Embankment in the evenings.

Batumi is more suitable for a promenade but not for the rest on the beach.

Batumi beach

Kobuleti beach

The beach line is small and limited here. Kobuleti has an infrastructure with restaurants and pinewoods. However, it is much poorer than in Batumi. According to the restaurant infrastructure and places to stay, you will have the same rest as on Azov sea. And the beaches look like the same ones in Crimea (Alushta, Yalta).

Kobuleti is ideal for those who is in search of the sea resort at a reasonable price but with a greater number of restaurants and more space on the coastline comparing to Makhinjauri or Kvariati.

Kobuleti beach

The beaches are located in the order from the best places to less popular ones. Of course, our top-list is a very subjective one, as everybody chooses what he / she needs for having a rest.

If you have some correction or facts, send them to us and we will publish them.

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