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Drinking Water in Georgia!

When you visit different countries, you always ask one simple question on the reception desk: can I drink tap water? We know many tourists who even brush the their teeth with the help of bottle water in Egypt, as they were very afraid of diarrhea.

The standard answer that you will in Georgia from the local people: you can drink tap water, no problems, even just in front of you a local person may drink a couple of glasses with tap water and enjoy it.

Do not hurry to start drinking water

The water wealth

Georgia is very rich with fresh water, there are many rivers and water springs. You, probably, know or you have tasted tasteful Georgian mineral waters. They are not just a brand, these are real healing table waters.

Having a walk on Tbilisi streets, you understand that you are constantly hearing the purl of water in the very center of the city. Your first thought will be that there is a brook in the sewer or in the water pipe. But lately you will find out that these are just the springs. Even in the very center of the city, the mountain springs run through the streets, the rock formations and you can drink this water.

You can always find a tap right on the street when you visit the resorts or just places of interest. You can drink as much as you like this tap water. It is very tasty.

In Georgia they not just produce the mineral waters, pack them into the bottles and send to other countries. This is one of the export productions in Georgia.

The tap water in your apartment is also clear, you can drink it, take a bath and just wash your face with it. Just consider that the spring is right in your apartment, hotel.

water in Gorgia

You cannot drink the water

However, we will not recommend you to drink bottle water. Why is it so? Because in a couple of days you will get diarrhea. But the water is clear, isn`t it? It is clear and natural, but your stomach does not get used to it and it will not get used to even in 10 days. That is why keep away from it. If course you can brush the teeth, using tap water, but if you want to spend a couple of days in the toilet room, just buy a bottle of water to drink or make tea.

Mineral water in Gorgia

If you think that you are a hard nut to crack, you can easily drink tap water.

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