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Prometheus cave, where the ancient Greek hero was chained

Prometheus Cave (another, Georgian name – Kumistavi cave) was named in honor of a hero of Caucasian myths about Amirani who, like a Prometheus was chained in this cave (he differs from ancient Greek hero Prometheus that the last one mentioned was chained outside of the cave) for that he made the Gods angry. And the eagle flew to him every day and torn his liver. The cave was opened by a group of speleologists around 30 years ago. From the time when it was modernized with a lighting, there are a lot of tourists who wish to visit the cave.

Visit to a cave

Prometheus cave is visited by a great number of tourists daily in order to look at stalactites and stalagmites around the whole cave. There are 2 types of excursions – a walking one as well as riding on a boat on the underground river.

Useful advice: The last one mentioned may be even more suitable for you as nobody hurries you and leaves you a time to take pictures as many as possible.

Prometheus cave 1


Children younger than 6 years, as a rule, must not come into the cave according to safety rules. But everything depends on a person who sells tickets and (not) lets you into a cave.

When you have bought tickets, you are offered to take a guide with you who will tell you everything he / she knows about the cave. His / her services are free (they are included into the cost of a ticket). You`d better not have walks on your own, you may get lost. Moreover, do to party with the people you`ve just came to the excursion.

Useful advice: it is cold inside the cave that is why think about taking a coat with long sleeves with you. Take warm clothes for the children if you do not want to leave an excursion earlier than it ends.

Prometheus cave 2

Comments about a cave

The comment was left on our website with an aim to share his own impressions about an excursion. We publish it in this article, as our client is not against it:

“I rented a car in order to visit places of interest in Georgia, especially those, where you cannot get on the public transport. I do not like to travel with other tourists. Especially I remember Prometheus cave, the lighting there makes an unforgettable show. One minus is that there are bats. They do not attack you (as they are also scared), but you feel uncomfortable when you look at them. Though, you easily get used to them and quiet music makes you relaxed and it lets you forget about an outside world”.


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