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In many cities of Georgia parking is paid, the cost of parking is not so high. Also, parking can be paid for a different period. All municipal parking and in each city its own parking service and pay only by the bank details of this company.

There is paid parking in such cities:

  1. Tbilisi - serves the company City parking
  2. Batumi - serves the enterprise of Batumi parking
  3. Kutaisi - serves the Kutaisi parking company
  4. Gori - requisites are in the terminal, but we do not know the name of the company
  5. Zugdidi - there are no requisites in the terminals, but recently parking fees have been entered.

What happens if I do not pay for parking?

  1. The fine from 30 GEL
  2. Penalty and evacuation of the car

How does the payment for parking controlled?

This is followed by employees of the parking service who enter or scan the number of the car that is parked and compare it with the base. If parking is not paid, a penalty will be issued immediately. There were cases when a fine was issued when the driver left to pay for parking in the bank.

Where and how to pay for parking?

Parking in Georgia can be paid in such ways:

  1. Express bank terminals - orange.
  2. The TBS terminals of the bank are blue.
  3. Go to any bank and name the car number and ask for payment.
  4. In the office of our company or the manager, if you rent a car from us - contact the manager, he will help and / or pay parking to your car.

Is it necessary to pay for parking if I came to Georgia by car?

Yes, these cars also have to pay parking fees. Non-payment - entails the imposition of a fine and / or evacuation of the car.

Fake Parking

Near the parking spaces there are always people in road vests that help to park the car and collect the drivers' fees. Do not rush to rejoice that parking is so easy to pay. These people are not employees of the parking service, they are self-employed people who have found work for themselves. They can be called "timurovtsami", which for a small fee help you park or hold a parking place while you arrive. You can not give them money at all, but the local population often thanks them giving 20-30 tetri (Georgian cents) for their work. If you do not give money, these imaginary parking men can demand payment from you quite seriously, even chasing you. It's all illegal and the police will always be on your side, but just remember that paying for these services to the parking lot, you will not be exempted from the penalty if you did not make payment in the terminal.

Parking spaces that are paid separately

Parking spaces that are paid for separately are closed parking at shopping centers, markets, an airport or a train station. There are a barriers that works in automatic mode or there is an employee who accepts payment.

How to understand where there is a municipal parking lot, and where not?

95% of parkings are municipal, there is always a "P" sign and there is a supplement on the municipal company that serves this region, as indicated above, in each city there is a municipal company.

There is a parking lot in my hotel, do I need to have paid parking?

80% of the hotels are located along the roads, because they use the municipal parking lot, and therefore the availability of parking near the hotel does not exempt you from paying parking.

How much does parking cost?

Parking in each city is charged in different ways, but it is from 1-2 GEL per day to 5-10 GEL per week or 15-20 GEL per month.

Still have questions?

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