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Movement in Georgia, the features of driving a car


Georgia is a party and signer of almost all major UN Conventions on road traffic, the rules are international, but there are national driving characteristics, violations of rules and penalties that you need to know.


Speed limit in Georgia

Side of movement

The movement in Georgia is right-handed, that is, you hold on to the right, which is typical for all European countries except Great Britain. There are a sufficient number of right-hand drive vehicles on the roads of Georgia, which are very often used by the local population. The right-hand drive cars and their importation into the territory of Georgia are limited since 2016, within the framework of road safety, which in no way upset the local population, because it was one of the sources of income the export and subsequent re-export of cars.


Parking rules

The parking rules are standard, the police do not penalize for improper parking. There are a special parking service is responsible for parking in Georgia, which is established in each city. The car is parked without payment - get a fine, the car interferes with the passage - it is evacuated. For more information about parking and how to pay for it, see our article, under the link.


Speed limits in Georgia

Speed ​​limits

Speed ​​in any point of Georgia is regulated by a sign. There is no concept, remember how much is recorded. The government and the police do everything for convenience, even in a city where a speed of 60 km / h is always a sign of restraint. It is not necessary to observe 60 km / h in the city, there are areas where the signs are 70 and 80 km / h presented.

Speed ​​on the roads between cities is 90 km / h, autoban is 110 km / h.


Allowable speeding

The excess of speed is no more than 14 km / h from the established restriction, above – the penalty is admissible.


Speeding fine

The excess speed penalties are differentiated if you have exceeded the speed to 50 km / h and over 50 km / h from the established limit.



All radars are stationary, the police do not stop for speed violations, the radar fixes the violation, takes a photo and automatically charges a fine to the police base. This base is public, everyone can see it.

The car rental company immediately sees your fines and when you return the car, you will pay them. Do not want to pay fines, well, you are guaranteed trouble from the police, up to blocking the exit from the country.


The most terrible violations

The most terrible violations of traffic rules are:

  1. Drunken driving - penalty for the driver, the owner of the car, a penalty area and deprivation of a driving license for up to 6 months. All the same, you are a foreigner or a local. Have you seen someone drunk when driving a car? Do not take an example from him, very soon the police will fine him.
  2. Exceeding the speed
  3. The drivers and passengers do not use seat belts
  4. Throwing debris from the car window
  5. Passage to the prohibitory traffic signal
  6. Intersection of a solid marking line.
  7. Using a mobile phone at the time of driving


Infringements on which do not pay much attention

  1. Do not stop at the STOP sign
  2. Do not give way to a pedestrian on the pedestrian crossing


What not to do

Do not ever do in Georgia:

  1. Never offer a bribe to a policeman - you will be put in jail immediately
  2. Do not raise the voice or shout at the policeman
  3. Do not leave the car if you are stopped by a police patrol


Police in Georgia

If you are stopped by a police patrol

  1. Do not get out of the car and keep your hands on the steering wheel - exit from the car or hand not on the steering wheel, signal for the police officer about a possible attack
  2. Do not offer bribes to a policeman
  3. Present your driver's license and passport - your passport must be looked at
  4. Do not try to argue, the police are excellent with tourists and your polite attitude will be reflected by the policeman's smile and the wish of a good road, instead of applying a fine.


What can you find on the road

On the road in Georgia, you can see a lot of unusual things for you, refer to it as a local color and driving traditions, do not repeat such tricks they are against the rules, but local people hope that they will not be punished, but not always their actions go unnoticed. And so, it is:

  1. Riding backwards on the road, that is, against traffic
  2. Parking at the pedestrian crossing
  3. Turn without turning on the notification of a maneuver
  4. Driving on broken cars: without bumpers, with broken radiators, ...
  5. Endless activation of a sound signal in an urban area
  6. Exceeding the speed and overtaking through a solid straight on the pass, where it's hard to disperse 2 cars
  7. Rotation without rowing
  8. Passage of the intersection with ignoring the sign "give way"


Are you already scared? Do not be afraid, everything will be super!


We hope this article will be useful to you. Have a good trip.


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