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Mountain serpentine in Georgia - recommendations for safe driving

Georgia has many beautiful mountain landscapes and scenic serpentines. These winding roads attract many tourists who want to enjoy the views and atmosphere of the mountainous region. However, when travelling on such challenging roads, special precautions should be taken to ensure the safety of both yourself and fellow travellers. In this article, we will look at tips for safe driving on mountain serpentines, and give advice on choosing the right car hire in Georgia.

mountainous regions of Georgia

Choosing a car

There are many popular brands and models of cars designed for different tasks: some are suitable for city driving, others - for mountain travelling and off-roading. First of all, for safe travelling on mountain serpentines it is important to choose the right car. Cars with reliable braking systems, good handling and a powerful engine are preferred. SUVs or cars with increased ground clearance are preferable for overcoming steep ascents and descents, as well as for overcoming uneven roads. On our site such cars are presented in assortment. car to make your trip comfortable and safe.

When choosing a car for rent, pay attention to its technical condition. Make sure that all systems of the car work properly, including brakes, steering and suspension. Also make sure the car has a spare tyre and puncture repair kit. All hire companies regularly inspect their fleet and have their vehicles serviced, so the possibility of getting a faulty vehicle is virtually nil.

That's why we have made some recommendations on choosing a car for travelling on serpentine roads of Georgia:

  1. Choose a large ground clearance, if there are roads with poor asphalt surface on our way or where there may be "surprises" of asphalt surface. About roads in Georgia, where you should choose an off-road vehicle, read at the link

  2. Choose a vehicle with a large engine displacement. It will affect fuel consumption (it will consume more), but will give more pleasant sensations and traction on mountain roads. Separately it is worth considering and new types of cars, which have not a large volume of the engine, but have a turbine and increased number of horsepower.

  3. Inspect the wheels - the tyres should have a good grip on the track. Since in the mountains, there may be a temperature difference, pay attention to the seasonality of the rubber, especially if you go in autumn or spring, as in the city may be quite warm, but in the mountains to be minus and snow. Accordingly, a car with summer rubber will not save you. Well and of course the tread and a small level of wear of the rubber, it is just a must have, which we do not even discuss. It is for this reason it is better to apply not to "spontaneous car hire", but to an official company with an office, in any case you will have not only insurance, but also the possibility of replacing the car if you do not like something.

  4. Check the spare. Here it is important to check not only its presence, but also:

    1. It must be inflated

    2. There should be a full set of keys, jack and ...

    3. Ask to be shown how to remove the wheel, how to disconnect the jack. This can be very useful in the mountains

  5. Choose a car from a car rental company, not from a private person, so that in case of any problem you always had the possibility of a replacement car, and for the braking system you did not worry, as the company is definitely responsible for it. Read additionally the article "dangerous car hire" on the link

Georgian mountains

Dangerous serpentines and off-road: how to drive properly

In addition to choosing the right car, stick to the following tips for safely overcoming mountain serpentines and winding roads:

  • Observe the speed limit: Do not exceed the recommended speed on mountain roads. It is especially important to slow down when travelling around tight corners.

  • Use the brakes wisely: Avoid sudden braking, especially on steep descents. It is better to use the engine and shift to a lower gear to brake. Don't forget that this can be done not only with manual gearboxes but also with automatic transmissions.

  • Pay attention to road signs: Read and follow road signs carefully, especially those relating to speed limits and warnings about tight corners.

  • Be prepared for weather conditions: Mountainous areas can be subject to sudden changes in weather. Make sure you have spare clothing and footwear, as well as the necessary equipment for riding in snow or rain.

  • Be aware of other road users: Be aware that on mountain serpentines you may encounter oncoming vehicles or pedestrians. Be prepared to give way and be considerate of other road users.

  • Always have a sufficient fuel reserve: in case of traffic jams and sudden weather changes, the extra fuel will help you stay warm or cool (thanks to air conditioning) and wait out traffic jams or congestion.

Following these tips from the RACE team will help to make your journey on Georgia's mountain roads safe and enjoyable. By choosing the right hire car and following the rules of safe driving, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the mountains and landscapes without putting yourself and others in danger.

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