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The Best Theaters of Georgia

The theaters of Georgia are worth visiting not only for ardent theatergoers but also for those who maybe have never been to such a building before. The beloewmentioned theaters are considered independent places of interest of Georgia, you`d better enjoy its architectural style.

Rezo Gabriadze Puppet Theater

You can easily recognize Rezo Gabriadze Puppet Theater in the Old city of Tbilisi due to the clock tower located near. Rezo Gabriadze is a many-sided man, he is a famous sculpture, playwriter and a filmmaker – he creates his puppet on his own. Under Rezo Gabriadze strict control, they look like alive. The theater was opened in 1981 and was named in honor of his founder – Rezo Gabriadzr. The theater and Rezo Gabriadze himself took an active part in international festivals.

The Best Theaters of Georgia 1

Summer Theater

Batumi Summer Theater is functioning not only in the hot summer days. When it comes to the season of rains, its doors are opened for ardent theatergoers and just “amateurs”. Here are held as local, so international performances (the Golden Fleece, the Source of Hopes). In Summer Theater you can get an impression about Georgian dances and songs. What about the unique architecture of the theater, the lighting decorates it when it is dark outside. And that time the theater starts to look like a fairy-tale castle.

The Best Theaters of Georgia 2

Theater Named after Meskhishvili

The building of the theater is of a grey color made in Renaissance style, was built and opened for visitors in 1861 in Kutaisi but named after the man that controlled the theater troop – Lado Meskhishivili, much later – only in 1940. The theater was one the first one its kind in Georgia. Nowadays the theater is opened and functions, the plays as Georgian, so international playwriters (Schiller, Shakespeare) were put on the stage here.

The Best Theaters of Georgia 3

Batumi State Musical Center

Batumi state musical center functions under such a name but at its core, it is an opera and ballet theater. A little bit of facts: the theater was opened in 2004 and the building was made in modern style. You can go to Batumi musical center to enjoy such performances, as: concerts (folklore, jazz, symphonic), ballet, as well as international classic music festival. The theater consists of something more than a thousand places for people, but the tickets are bought rather fast, you would better buy it beforehand.

The Best Theaters of Georgia 4

Shota Rustaveli Theater

The drama theater named after Shota Rustaveli is beautiful just from the outside. Just from the first glance, you will notice the statues of different creatures: harlequins, chimeras and others. That is why, just the building itself is considered Tbilisi place of interest. The building where the theater is located now was built in 1899 but it opened its doors only in 1921. The best theater actors of Georgia are playing their roles in the plays of the playwriters famous around the world.

The Best Theaters of Georgia 5
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