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Visit Georgia but do not forget about the things that would be better not to do

When you visit Georgia, then, first of all, you will be surprised by the difference of the Georgian mentality and traditions from your own.

Let`s consider what is absolutely impossible to do in Georgia in order not to spoil relations with representatives of the country mentioned.

Do not refuse from an invitation to visit

Georgians are a very hospitable nation and your refusal can deeply insult the host. So, it is better to accept the invitation. Nobody forces you to sit on a visit for several hours. 15 minutes is enough to get acquainted with the family that invited you and find out how they are doing.

Culture of Georgia 1

Do not take off your shoes when you are a guest

According to Georgian traditions, guests never take off, their shoes and especially do not ask for room slippers. Take off your shoes - show disrespect to the owner of the house.

Culture of Georgia 2

Do not drink while somebody is making toast

The pronunciation of a toast in Georgia is a special ritual and everyone must obey it. Never drink - even water, even if you really want and you are going to die of thirst. The toast is said - then do it!. After the pronunciation of the toast, every guest is obliged to drink.

Culture of Georgia 3

Do not mix chacha and wine

Georgians love toasts, and after each, they definitely need a drink. If some toasts only require a sip, after uttering others - you need to drink everything to the bottom. Therefore, it is better not to mix drinks so that you can feel able to continue the holiday, and then get home on your own and without any adventures.

Culture of Georgia 4

Do not eat khinkali with a fork

This is the national dish of Georgia, which everyone eats exclusively with his hands. If you pierce it with a fork - you will lose the best part of a dish- rich broth. Another important point: just try to call khinkali as pelmeni! This will offend Georgians very much.

Culture of Georgia 5

Do not eat barbecue with a fork

This will not offend Georgians, however, it will cause a lot of puzzled looks. Barbecue in Georgia is also accepted to be eaten with hands and dunk it in various sauces.

Culture of Georgia 6

Do not leave food on the plate

Feast in Georgia is a very important aspect of culture. Georgians always try to impress the guest with their ability to cook and also with exquisite dishes. It is better to impose yourself just a little bit, but do not leave the food on your plate

Culture of Georgia 7
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