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Beautiful building in Tbilisi, storehouse


If you arrived to Tbilisi airport and so it happened that you drove late at night or evening into the city, you could not pay attention to several beautiful buildings along the highway. One of these beautiful buildings resembles a rectangle or prism that is clothed on a building.

Beautiful building in Tbilisi, storehouse

The prism is not just a figure, it is permeated with hundreds of lights, if you look closely, it seems that these are the walls of the building into which empty glass bottles were mounted, and later lighting was applied to each bottle.

The building is particularly prominent in the night scenery of the high-speed Georgian highway. We think it will interest you, although it is only 3-5 floors and even a little drowned, despite the fact that it is as if on a hill.


The interest in this building is great, just stop and look closer. By the way, in the daytime the building looks unusually too, although there is no shine from the lights, but still the thought of bottles inserted into the walls does not leave you.


When you come to Georgia, you think that this is a tourist object and you have to come here. But later, after asking the driver of the car, you understand that this is an entirely ordinary building that belongs to the state.


Prism with bottles is nothing but a storehouse of the bank of Georgia. It is there the country's gold and currency reserves are stored, it is the main safe of the state, which is exposed to the public.


For some reason, you always imagine the repository somehow different: a fortress with barn locks, several rows of guards, a complete no admission, but here everything is on display.


This is not the only beautiful building in Georgia, there are so many beautiful places here, but everything is gradually developing.

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