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Rent a car for 27 GEL (10 dollars) per day

You travel and look for cheap car rental. We have prepared a great offer for you. You can get absolutely any car for rent for just $10 per day. Yes it is real!

When is the special offer valid?

The special offer is valid from 1st of November to the 20th of December, 2019, as well as from 20th of January to 29th of February, 2020.

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How to get it?

In order to get a car for 27 GEL (10 dollars) per day, you need to make a preliminary order through our website on the rental date you are interested in, within the time limit set by the promotion. When you receive a voucher with a real price - send us in reply a letter with the subject and the text of 27 GEL (10 dollars), and also indicate the date when you took our car for rent.

What class of car is included in the promotion?

Any class of car, while we accurately confirm the presence of this class for the week. If this class of car does not appear, we will offer the car in any approximate class.

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The special offer is not valid for:

  1. Additional service and equipment
  2. Delivery of the car to other regions, cities, airports
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Required condition

You should use the car rental in our company in any city in the period from 1st of May to 15th of October, 2019. If you use such a rental, then you have the right to apply and order a car at such a promotional price.

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Number of cars

The number of cars in the class is limited, we have the right to limit or refuse to provide this service, if there is no specific class of car, we will also offer other options.

You can get a special offer only after you have used a car rental in our company.

The application must be made from 1st of May, 2019 to 20th of October, 2019.

Do you have any questions?
Write: info@race.com.ge
Call: + 995-514-577-555, + 995-514-896-896

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