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Georgia – reasons to visit it

Georgia is a country with its unique history and culture that is sacredly honored to this day. This hospitable country will touch the heart of almost anyone. Whether you are a lover of snow-capped mountains or sunny beaches - here you will find what you like.


In Georgia, there are sharp rocks, wooded mountains, snow-capped peaks of the Caucasus. Even without climbing the mountains, you can appreciate all their power, just by looking at them. The most famous Caucasian ridge in Georgia is not the only chain of mountains. In this country there are such mountain ranges as Likhi, Trialety, Meskheti.

Georgia 1


Georgia adopted Christianity among the first countries, back in the 4th century, with the help of St. Nina, who is still revered. Therefore, the temples in this country - are among the oldest, some of them belong to 4-6 centuries. Like the ancient icons, rituals and customs that have survived to this day.

Georgia 2


Citizens of Georgia are kind and always ready to help people. They can share with you the history of their country, their culture and traditions, inviting you for a cup of tea - Georgians are famous for their hospitality. Do not miss the opportunity to talk with the local population, they will only be happy to share a bit of their life with strangers.

Georgia 3

It would seem that there can be something special in the Black Sea? Georgia is not the only country that is washed by its waters. All beaches in Georgia are municipal, so you can swim where you want. All beaches are pebbly, except for those located on the north side of the country: there is a unique area with black sand, which is considered to be healing. Many tourists specifically come to this beach for the prevention of certain diseases.

Georgia 4


The variety of architectural styles in Georgia exists due to the fact that buildings were built by various nations: Arabs, Turks, Armenians, Germans. Therefore, elements of different cultures are collected here. Italian courtyards, stucco on the facades of buildings and similar architectural elements, you can contemplate on the streets of Georgia.

Georgia 5


Georgians are a very conservative nation and they strictly honor their traditions and customs, which have arisen since time immemorial. For example, a master of ceremonies always speaks toasts strictly on certain topics.

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Georgia, like every country, has its own peculiarities, culture and traditions. The locals have always been characterized by hospitality and cordiality.