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Georgian music and ensembles that no one will be able to stand against them

Scientists do not know exactly when national Georgian music originated, namely polyphonic choral chants (in three voices). Some argue that it originated before Christ. But it is considered that choral singing in Georgia dates back to the 5th century AD.

If originally, such polyphonic chants belonged only to folk, then, somewhat later, they also became ecclesiastical. Georgian folklore preserved songs belonging both to the pagan era and the church.

Most of the chants are performed by men, but there are also female choral songs - as an exception.

All Georgian folk music can be divided by topics for:

  • labor;
  • drinking;
  • ceremonial;
  • dance.

Present time

Today, the world-famous ensembles of folk songs and dances - “Rustavi” and “Erisioni” are engaged in the distribution of Georgian folk music and dances. Even UNESCO recognized Georgian folk music as unique in its kind.

Georgian music 1

Erisioni Ensemble

Erisioni began its activity in the 1885th year and continues to the present day, for the past 134 years. Initially, the ensemble consisted of 27 men and was called the Academic Ensemble of Song and Dance. The collective was trained by Josef Navratil, a famous Czech conductor. It was he who taught them choral singing. And songs for performance were collected from all over the country. The ensemble claims that song and dance are an integral part of Georgian history, and only in the 19th century they were performed on the stage. The singers intend to convey to the whole world this part of the culture of Georgia.

Georgian music 2

Rustavi Ensemble

Wherever the Rustavi ensemble performed - in Paris, London, Amsterdam, in the ancient stadium in Greece and even in Japan: representatives of the city of Tokyo invited the Rustavi ensemble to hold a concert. In general, the ensemble visited 80 countries around the world.

Each singer in a group is both a part of a multi-voiced choir, and can perform his part as a soloist. The repertoire of the ensemble includes both ancient folk and church songs.

Georgian music 3
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