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Embankment in Batumi

Rent a car in Batumi

Batumi is not only a sea, fruit and wine, it is still a very cool city. There are many new buildings, although there the old Adzharian culture is mixed up with the Soviet heritage, modern new buildings and masterpieces of architecture of the XXI century.


Let’s start from cable car

We begin our way near the cable car, which leads high up the mountain to the observation deck. If you are lucky and the day is sunny, you will see the whole of Batumi as in the palm of your hand, and pure mountain air will twist your head. Sit down, there is a small cafe, have a cup of coffee and go back to the city.


Make a walk along the embankment

Walk along the moored ships after 700 meters you will see what you saw on TV or in promotional brochures for a long time: the old lighthouse, the Batumi Ferris wheel, the Chacha tower and the tower with the letters of the Georgian alphabet, the modernist sculpture of Nino and Ali.

  • The old lighthouse - it served as a signal for passing ships for a long time, and today it is a monument to the sea past.
  • The Batumi Ferris wheel - shimmering with various lights it is visible even at the city entrance, and if you arrived by plane directly to Batumi, you surely noticed it in the porthole.
  • The Chacha Tower is a small, inconspicuous tower that gives out a cup of Chacha to everyone who wants.
  • The tower with the Georgian alphabet - there is a restaurant and a viewing platform at the top, the tower casts green light in the dark.
  • The sculpture of Nino and Ali is a modern art that includes a male and female beginning to penetrate each other. After all, two figures of Nino and Ali enter into each other, forming one substance. An excellent sight.


Square with fountains

You have to walk 500 meters to reach the square with fountains, the wedding palace, which reminds us of either the tail of a white dolphin, or the raised wing of a seagull.

The Batumi Boulevard begins from this place. There you will see the theater, the Batumi colonnade, a bamboo grove, a small bird nursery and much more.


The embankment does not end on this. After these sights, the embankment begins with modern  buildings, masterpieces of architecture. Read about this in our next publication.

In the next publication we will tell you about:

  • Singing fountains with a laser show
  • Modern buildings to be seen
  • Continuation of the embankment in Batumi and where it ends


The embankment also has a bicycle path, a wide place for walking in the evening, cafes and restaurants, attractions and just a large crowd of people.


If you are tired and want to continue to look Batumi from the car or simply, quickly drive between several places of interest, book a car rental in Batumi from us, we will serve you at the highest level.


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