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These driver's licenses are valid in Georgia

Often, our operators are asked a question regarding driver’s licenses that can be used in Georgia. We have detailed information about driver's licenses on our website and even indicated those countries whose citizens most often contact us with this question.

Please note that all the information specified in this article is based on the 1968 UN International Convention on Road Traffic. We are based on official documents, we cannot rent a car, if your driver’s license does not comply with the convention, we are well aware that:

  1. Your friend told you that according to your driver’s license you can ... ..
  2. The ambassador of your state said that in general everything is possible ....
  3. You have already taken a car with your driver’s license all over the world and “you will teach me here ....”
  4. You have read on the site of a person that everyone can .......
  5. “My category allows me to drive not just your car, but even an airplane, an all-terrain vehicle and a spacecraft ..., and you don’t give me a car here”

Attention! All these arguments cannot be used either for argumentation to us, or for the police, or for the insurance company.

What are the main requirements of the 1968 Convention on driver’s licenses and what parameters most often do not meet:

  1. There is no duplication of the surname and name in Latin - this is no longer found in any driver’s license, for example, all citizens of European countries have duplication, citizens of the USA, Canada – their driver`s license is written on their native language. This is most common in the Arab countries, the driving license of China, Vietnam and other Asian-Arab countries.
  2. There is no category “B” - there are no problems in the European countries (of course, except if you do not have such a category at all), UAE does not have this category, citizens of the United States, Canada, and the United Arab Emirates use classes, as well as other letters for example, the class "G".

What should those people who do not have category “B” do?

Get an international driver’s license - it is registered by associations, its cost is 15-85 US dollars, depending on its duration and production speed 1 - 7 days. To issue such a certificate or permission, you will be asked to pay a sum of money, 2 photographs and your national driver's license.

Attention!!! We do not issue an international driver's license. Enter your search query in google “international driver`s license” or “International Driving Permit”.

The international driver's license is used only in conjunction with your national one, that is, in a pair, it cannot be used separately.

International driving can be done in the form of a book or in the form of a plastic certificate - it has the same force.

Why the driver's license of the United States, Canada, Turkey ... does not fit, though it is made in Latin ???

These countries have fulfilled the conditions of the 1949 Geneva Convention on Road Traffic. But they did not sign the 1968 UN Convention. Classes are used in these countries, with classes taking the path of absorption, that is, if you have class G, for example, you can use a motorcycle, car, or bus (the class is indicated as an example, does not have a valid force belonging to the specified transport categories). In the European system, that is, in the system of the 1968 Convention, there is no absorption, each category corresponds to a specific transport. A person who has a category "B" can drive a car, but cannot, at the same time, control a motorcycle, although category "A" is lower in gradation, just as a person with "D" category who does not have "B" category, cannot use a passenger car.

Do not make an international driver's license!

We have a new service, we produce additional insurance, thanks to which, you do not need to produce an international driver's license. It is enough that your driver's documents are duplicated in Latin letters.

Just order this insurance from us and drive around Georgia without an international driver's license.

Insurance cost up to $ 50 for the entire rental period. Specify the amount with the managers when ordering rental services.

Examples of driving permits

Next, we give examples of driving licenses that are valid and not, all copies are taken from open sources on the Internet, the specified data in the photo may not be the same or may not be valid or belong to the persons indicated on them. We did not use the data of any of our clients who used or wanted to use the rental, as we understand that it is not permissible to publish your data in open mode.

Driver's licenses that are valid:

Driving license 1
Driving license 2

Driver licenses that are not valid:

Driving license 3
Driving license 4
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