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What to see in Kobuleti

A three-street town with a beach keeps loots of interesting things to see, you can really find here some entertainments that will keep you busy throughout your holiday.


National park Mtirala is located not far from Kobuleti, The word “mtirala” means crying, this is the very name of the mountain around which the park is situated, later they started to call the park this way. It is not just because the park has been called crying, there are waterfalls, rivers and lakes. Colchian forest and plants that are in the Red List – these are the rich flora of the park. The territory of the park was inapproachable until it was improved in 2007 and the park got its name Mtirala. You can enjoy camping in the park – it will suit those for whom one day to examine all 6 000 hectares is not enough.

Sights of Kobuleti 1

Plantations, Gardens

There are orange gardens and tea plantations (at least, they were there) in Kobuleti surroundings. But the thing is that the prime cost of tea from the plantations is more expensive than an imported one. There is always a way out and concerning this situation they decided to plant citrus trees on the territory of tea plantations – they need much less time and money to keep them.

Sights of Kobuleti 2

Local History Museum

The museum was opened in 2012 when they found enough exhibits. In spite of the fact that there is only one exhibition room, the building is located on a big territory. All the exhibits were found in the city surroundings, for example you can find there: some common things, weaponry and even some elements of the Medieval furniture (unfortunately, it was not found in full). You will like everything in the museum except for the fact that all the descriptions to the exhibitions are written only on the Georgian language.

Sights of Kobuleti 3


You can find on Kobuleti beach as places where there are lots of people, so some places to have a lonely rest. The rest in Kobuleti will suit people of different ages: the children will like the gently sloping coast, the adults – the bars and night clubs on the Embankment, and the senior people will enjoy specially made health centers. Of course there are much more entertainments for children in the central part of the park.

Sights of Kobuleti 4


You have an availability to visit Tsitsinatela Entertainment Park from June to September. It was opened in 2006 and the name of the park means a firebug. That is because this park as a firebug lures everybody with its bright light – the park`s working hours are from 6 pm till midnight. So, everything is clear. There is no entrance fee – you can easily walk along the alleys. But for the use of the rides you will have to pay some amount of money.

Sights of Kobuleti 5
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