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Traffic Fines in Georgia

The information about traffic fines will be useful to you if you drive In Georgia, no matter this cars is yours, you arrived on it, it is on a foreign registration or you took a car for a rent in local company.

The law is equal to everybody

No matter you are a deputy`s son, a foreigner or a local one, the attitude towards you will be the same. You have come to Georgia, so follow the law. There is a condescension towards the tourists, but it ends just when they start to violate the laws. Especially if violations are serious


All the roads have the signs that limit your speed, even if it is a city boundary and the speed is regulated by the standard rule, no more than 60 km/hours, here in 99% there will be the 60 km/hour speed limit. In the city, there are some separate roads with an increased speed limit, to 80 km/hour.

The speed limit is being fixed by the cameras, they automatically send a fine (notification) to the car owner, and if a car is on a foreign registration, the surprise will be waiting for you on the country border.

If you do not pay the fine, it will be increased, firstly it becomes two times more, than 3 times more, etc.

You can violate speed limit only on 10 km/hour from the marked on a sign or is written in the road traffic rules and you will not get a fine for this.

  • A fine of overspeeding on 20-50 km/hour from the set limits – 50 GEL
  • A fine of overspeeding for more than 50 km/hour from the set limits – 200 GEL
Traffic Fines in Georgia 1

Not fastening the seat belt

Not using a safety belt by the driver and the passenger near him also leads to a fine. The sum of fine is 40 GEL.

The use of safety belt by the rear-seat passengers and the use of child boosters is not obligatory.

The police patrol or cameras that are everywhere on the road, including cross-roads are fixing such fines.

Traffic Fines in Georgia 2

The use of mobile phone while driving

If you want to use a phone while you drive, it is a must you use Bluetooth or a built-in-system “hands free” in a car. It is forbidden to use a phone in a standard way while you drive, that means when you held a phone in your hand close to an ear while speaking.

The policeman will not only fix the fact of communication on phone but he will also check whether you ended talking or not.

All the disputes on whether you have talked on phone or no, will be treated in favor of the police.

The fine amount is – 30 GEL.

Traffic Fines in Georgia 3


If in the driving period, or a stop, the driver or one of the passengers have thrown litter from the car, he / she will be fined. Do not open a window to throw a cigarette end or any other garbage.

The fine amount is – 120 GEL

Traffic Fines in Georgia 4

Stop line

If you got used to violate the stop line on the traffic light, here the cameras are looking at this. If you drive on a stop line, it means that you drive on the forbidden traffic light. Photo fixation and a fine.

The fine amount is – 50 GEL

Traffic Fines in Georgia 5

A guilt one in the road traffic accident

If you committed a road traffic accident, you will obligatory get a fine by the police patrol.

The fine amount is – 250 GEL

Driving a car in a drunken state

In Georgia you can have a very little amount of permille to drive the car. It is not worth to overuse. You must not drink alcohol while driving a car. Do not pay your attention on the talks of some people or criticism on the forums that you can drink while driving. It does not matter whether you a foreigner or not, there will be a punishment.

A fine of driving in a drunk state is 750 GEL and deprivation of driver’s license for 6 months

Traffic Fines in Georgia 6

Other violations

  • A cross of full line of marking – 200 GEL
  • Not keeping to the “STOP” sign – 50 GEL
  • The disregard of pedestrian crossing – 10 GEL

The smart cameras on the road

In Georgia the roads are equipped with smart cameras, they fix each and every violation. How smart cameras work:

  1. They fix the violation on the cross road: driving on the Stop line, not fastened belt, a talk on the mobile phone.
  2. Overspeeding. The overspeeding is fixed by two methodics:
    • While driving it fixes the speed, if there is an overspeed – then you get a fine.
    • While driving at a long distance – the camera remembers you speed on the first camera, as well as one the second one, then it calculates the distance between the cameras and your average speed. If the average speed is more than a limited one, no matter you drive in front of a camera in the permitted speed, the fine is guaranteed to you.
Traffic Fines in Georgia 7

How the fine is imposed

If a patrol has stopped you and gives you a fine, in this case, there will be a determination and the term for appealing and paying for it.

If the violation is fixed automatically, then an owner of a car will be engaged who can hand in an application on that in the period of a fine, the car has bee used by another person that filled in your data. The owner gets SMS message, as well as all the fines are available in online register on the police website – police.ge

The fines for parking, evacuation

They exist but to dot refer to the competence of parking inspectors but not a police. It is because of this we will not touch upon on parking fines in this publication.

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