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Car Rental in Georgia – what a Tourist Beginners must know

The demand on car rental services is growing very quickly. Georgia is no exception. Race company offers its services concerning car rental here. No matter, you take a car for a rent for the first time, or you a professional in this sphere – the article still will be useful for you.

Pieces of advice on car rental in Georgia

  1. The term of the rental
    The term of the rental

    The cars are given for a rent on 24 hours, not for day or a night, but strictly on 24 hours. Do not be late on returning the rental car. Otherwise, you will have to pay for additional 24 hours of car rental. The accuracy has never done any harm to anybody.

  2. The day and time of giving the car
    The day and time of giving the car

    The day and time of giving a car influence the car rental payment. So, if you receive / return the car in non-working hours and / or on a holiday, then, you will have to pay some extra money. Is it worth paying more or it is better to wait for a beginning of the working hours?

  3. Prepayment

    You do not have to pay the whole sum for car rental while booking a car at race. But if you do so, you will get 10% discount. That means that you pay not 100% of sum, but only 90% for car rental.

  4. Unlimited mileage or no?
    Unlimited mileage or no?

    Are you going to travel on long distances and counting  the amount of the fuel you will need, not for the first time? You also need to take into account how many kilometers you will drive. If you take the car on 4 days and less, then, you will be given free 250 km/day. If you overexceed this limit, you will have to for every extra kilometer. Maybe it will be better for you to take a car for a rent for at least of 5 days. Then you will be able to drive so much time you need to, not counting the kilometers.

  5. Car washing
    Unlimited mileage or no?

    Which additional expenses may arise while renting a car? For example, you must return the car a clear one. Use the services of car rental with self-service, this will be much cheaper for you than if the car will be washed by our car rental employees if you do not take into account this condition.

  6. A place of receiving / returning a car
    A place of receiving / returning a car

    How much do you value your time? To rent a car you do not have to come to the office to get it. Order a service of receiving a car at the airport (on the time you arrive). The company employee will be waiting for you even if your plane will be late and you will arrive at the darkest night. The service of receiving / returning the car at the airport takes you $30 but it will save you so much time on the fact that you will not search for the office. And the service will easily earn its keep because you would spend the same sum of money on a taxi to get to the car rental company office.

  7. Road traffic rules
    Road traffic rules

    If you not follow the road traffic rules in Georgia – you will be fines. And there is no difference on which car you drive – on your own or on a rental one. If the company gets a fine and it will be your fault – you will have to pay it. At least a money motivation will influence you and make you not violate the rules. Even if you are in a hurry – do not risk your life and the lives of other people.

The benefits of travelling in Georgia on a rented car

The benefits of travelling in Georgia on a rented car:

  1. No excursion group and tourists a part of which is always late. You will not bound to the route and are free to drive wherever and whenever you want to.
  2. No taxis – with their high prices on the services, smoked car saloon, haunting talks. You are alone or in a company of those people, you want to see near you.
  3. Say no to a public transport with the help of which you will waste a lot of time getting from point A to point B (and we do not even talk about difficult trips).

In such a way, you save your time and money, travelling on a rented car and getting the maximum comfortable conditions.

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