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The airport in Kutaisi

Airport in Kutaisi

The airport in Kutaisi is the only international airport in Georgia managed by the state. Other international airports, such as the airport in Batumi or Tbilisi, are conceded by the Turkish company for a long time.


Which flights are hold at Kutaisi airport

This airport is mainly flying low-cost airlines. That's why most of the flights are at night. There are not many flights arriving, about 20 a day per season. Kutaisi Airport is the second in terms of traffic in Georgia, after Tbilisi, and an honorable third place, is occupied by the airport in Batumi.

There come tourists from such countries: Ukraine, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Germany, the Czech Republic and other countries.


What can you find at the Kutaisi airport 

The airport is very small, there only:

  1. One cafeteria, with high prices
  2. A small toilet – clean enough
  3. Row of shuttles - tickets to the shuttle
  4. The exchange office - the rate is normal, you can change money.
  5. Tourism desk - take booklets here, it will be what to look through on the road
  6. The mobile operator's desk - the choice of cards and offers is limited
  7. One car rental office with fantastic high prices.

The rides that are cheaper, taxi drivers and other people are outside the airport, they are waiting for you on the street.


How to leave the airport of Kutaisi

If the transfer is not ordered or you are not met, then there are several ways to get to Tbilisi, Batumi or Kutaisi:

  1. Rent a car at the Kutaisi airport - do not take it at the airport counter, there is a high price, but order by phone, having pre-set a search query in the search box: car rental in Kutaisi. You will win in the price, at least twice.
  2. Using the services of local taxi drivers is a great idea, but the price should be brought down to 40%. Do not settle for all their offers, they will offer both an apartment and car rental, not the fact that they take you to the best place, they take you to where they will get a commission.
  3. Local shuttle - minibus, which propose a trip after flight. The tickets are bought only in GEL and only to Tbilisi or Batumi destination. The price is higher than in a normal minibus, but you are guaranteed to leave in an unfamiliar country.
  4. Local bus on the road - do you know Georgian or just have a sign in Latin with the inscription of the city, to which you want to go? Catch a minibus, the price is 10-20% cheaper than a shuttle.


How to get to Kutaisi airport

If you need to fly from Kutaisi airport, then the important question is how to get there.

  1. On a rental car - no problem, just tell that you will do a car return there
  2. By taxi - not always cheap and transparent
  3. By the minibus - pay attention, if you are coming from Tbilisi or Batumi, please specify that you need an airport, because a shuttle in transit can simply go on a bypass.
  4. By Metro bus - also it is necessary to specify that you need Kutaisi airport, later make the control, a couple of times passed by the airport and landed tourists in 3 km.
  5. Shuttle - the one that goes from the airport and to the airport. Everything is fine, but there is no air conditioner there, like in a bus, for example, and you can simply forget about you, even if you have a ticket or just do not understand if you paid it or not. This was seen on personal experience, therefore, bought a ticket for the shuttle does not guarantee that without you they will not leave or remember you. You can just say that this is a minibus, to which you bought a ticket in advance.


Other names of this airport 

There is one airport in Kutaisi. This airport is also designated as:

  1. Kutaisi International Airport
  2. Kopitnari Airport
  3. David the Builder International Airport
  4. David Agmashenebeli International Airport.

All these names are the same airport.


Have a good trip, and rent a car in Kutaisi, book with us.

DO you have a questions? E-mail: info@race.com.ge

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