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Winter resort in Georgia (Gudauri)

If you decided to visit Georgia in winter, then this article is for you.

As you know Georgia is famous for its resorts as summer, so winter. Today I will tell you about one winter resort – Gudauri.

You can get to this ski resort by two means: on the public transport or on all-wheel-drive jeep that I much more comfortable. You can the service of car rental. You will be provided with a car to a place you mention while booking, this is especially suitable if you arrive at Batumi, Kutaisi or Tbilisi airport.

So, Gudauri is a ski resort, a quickly developed one. It is located in Kazbegi region on the altitude of 2196 meters, 120 kilometers from Tbilisi and 300 kilometers from Kutaisi. The season starts from December till April, at this time you can enjoy different types of sport.


For the beginners there is an opportunity to study speedriding, freeriding, snowkiting, visit the school of mountain skis and snowboard.

Now we will find out what types of sport there are:

- Speedriding – an extreme type of sport on the edge between skiing and paragliding.

When you do speedriding you can ride on the fresh untouched snow and leave your footprints where it is impossible to do without flying. Speedriding forbids moving on ready-made track for skiing.

- Freeride – this is a descent from the mountain on the untouched by human hand route. The freeride technique looks like the classic skiing, but freeride needs to be more mobile and athletically performed.

- Snowkiting – a type of winter sport that consists of skiing or snowboarding with the help of kite.

Winter resort in Gudauri 1


So, the ones who like to conquer mountain peaks, the routes length is 57 kilometers, the highest point of the route is 3250 meters high and the lowest is 2050 kilometers. One of the shortest routes in Gudauri is 7 kilometers long. You can use cableway from 10 am till 4 pm.

Winter resort in Gudauri 2


Also you can visit indoor swimming pools, saunas, tennis courts, spa centers, casinos, bars, horseback riding, flying on a parafoil and helicopters, etc.

Living in Gudauri

Everything depends on your finances as there are the hotels of any class, cottages, hostels or you can rent an apartment at a private person.


Such hostels as Kalobani and Big Trip Hostel are located two kilometers from chairlifts. They are located not far from routes and at the same time not so close to have vanity around you. The tasty breakfast and dinners as well as a calm atmosphere are waiting for you.

Winter resort in Gudauri 3


Many three-star-hotels are located in Gudauri which service is on a high level.

Abu Hotel – is located close to Gudauri center, you can get to it in several minutes on foot. And the international Tbilisi airport is less than 100 kilometers from this hotel. There is free high-speed wi-fi on the territory of Abu Hotel.

Carpe Diem Gudauri Hotel – is close to the city center, you can get there in 10 minutes. You can live here with your pet, it is allowed to keep them here. There is a sauna, karaoke hall and nightclub on the territory of hotel.

Winter resort in Gudauri 4

Have a nice rest.

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