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Shaverma in Georgia or how to eat cheap


The question of cheap food on vacation is always relevant for a budget tourist. If you decide to visit Georgia, then you will definitely find where to eat even cheaper.


If we compare and choose from restaurants, there is not much difference. It is almost equal price to eat in a Georgian restaurant or at fast food. The only way is the restaurant will taste better. But if you do not have time to wait for cooking, you are looking for a quick snack or just pulled on something outdoors, use Shaverma's restaurant.

Shaverma in Georgia

Shaverma (shawarma, dunner) is not Georgian food, Turks, who have occupied Ajaria for a long time, contributed to this, but it does not mean that such food is available only in Batumi, in Tbilisi you will also find a sufficient number of Shavarmy restaurants.


An alternative to shavarme is Georgian fast food, among which you can try (sold almost at every corner):

  1. Khachapuri:

    • Imertinsky

    • Migreło

    • Adjarian

    • On the skewer - most likely only in a restaurant

  2. Lobiani - products made from bread only with beans, to taste very similar to pies with potatoes, only performed in the Georgian version.

  3. Shoti - a semblance of Georgian lavash, only oblong

  4. Kubdari - occurs less often, but still there is a roll with chopped meat, very tasty

  5. Sweet pies with cottage cheese


Shaverma is sold just from the racks, picked up and went, and also has whole restaurants. By the way, there are also restaurants with khachapuri (a large number of varieties). You can order a dish with meat, rice and salads additionally in the restaurants of Shaverma. To eat in such a restaurant cost 8-20 GEL, absolutely the same as khachapuri restaurant.


Take care of your stomach, eat healthy food and try real Georgian cuisine, and Shavermy restaurants simply put on a note, just in case.

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