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Personal experience of car rental in Batumi

Batumi city is considered the most popular resort in Georgia, of course after Tbilisi.

If you are not going to lie on the sun and sunbathe 24 hours a day and you want to emerge into the history of the city, then the best choice for you will be to rent a car in Batumi.

The story that happened once with our client

We often get the letters from satisfied (sometimes not) clients that have been used our service and decided to share his impressions with us. Taking into account the permission of our client, we are publishing it here:

“I am one of those who treat things when they come in. That is why when I have arrived at Batumi airport I thought about the act that I really need to rent a car. I came to the desk of one company (I will not mention its name) – all the cars in the fleet are in the rent, turned to another one – yeah, there are a lot of cars that are free. But the prices are so high that not every man (and personally me) can afford to buy a car in rent for such a price (and now I see why there are so many cars). I quickly turned on Wi-Fi to find a car, cursing my custom to put everything for later. Just on the first page I found a company that offered to rent a car at a reasonable price – Race. I called them and sent photos of my documents. Taking into account that I was in a hurry, they quickly checked my documents and gave me a car. I`m going to Batumi again and this time I will not put everything away and rent a car for a couple of days before a rent. Of course there will be Race company and not just due to their reasonable prices and a discount for paying for the order online, but because they were ready to help me – a strange man, in my situation, when I really needed a car. And because they treat me with all their attention, and not like others do “here is the contract, sign it, your car is there”.

Car rental in Batumi will definitely make your life easier, specifically:

  • it will safe your time. How much time do you spend to get to your destination place using the public transport? And what about travelling with a guide and tourist group, how many places will you be able to see from your day-plan?
  • it will safe your money comparing to the taxi. Taxi services – is the most expensive variant of travelling in the city.
  • you will get comfort conditions. You will be able to use the way you want to drive, regulate the temperature inside the car that will be the most suitable for you – to switch on the air conditioner / heater. And nobody unfamiliar near you.
Batumi 1

What to see in Batumi?

  • Look at Ali and Nino statues – Batumi visit card, the statues are moving all the time, getting close and far from each other. It is dedicated to the main characters of the novel “Ali and Nino” by Kurban Said.
  • Visit Alphabet Tower, where all the 33 letters of Georgian`s alphabet are eternalized. On the top of the tower there is a restaurant, the food is great there but the prices are not so budget. You do not want to get to the top floor on stairs? The lift will carry you for 10 GEL.
  • Examine the Old city, where you will find buildings in different architectural styles. As well as a lot of churches of different confessions. This is a great variant for those who like having long walks.
  • Batumi circus – for those who have come with children. The performance usually start at 8 pm and the cast is not native people of Batumi. The entrance will cost you 10 GEL for every person.
  • Dancing Fountains, you can look at their show in the evening. The illuminated show of two fountains starts at 10 pm and ends at the midnight. The entrance is free.
Batumi 2
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