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What you need to know when visiting Georgia

We offer you a small selection of tips on what you can and cannot do while being in Georgia. As well as interesting facts with which it will be useful for you to get acquainted, as well as put them into practice in Georgia.

Georgia rules
  1. You can drink tap water.
  2. Sometimes drivers may not respect pedestrian priority.
  3. All beaches of Batumi and Ajara are public.
  4. You`d better buy an umbrella, as it`s often rainy in Georgia.
  5. When going to church, women need to cover their heads with a scarf. They are in all churches at the entrance.
  6. During Georgian feast, toast and drink can only be served with the permission of Tamada.
  7. Famous Georgian dances are: Qartuli, Gandagana, Mtiuluri, Rachuli, Kintauri, Khandjluri.
  8. Almost all the inhabitants of Batumi speak Russian, as well as English.
  9. Restrictions on the entry of cars in Georgia (by year) are absent. The traffic rules of driving in Georgia comply with international standards.
  10. Small groceries are open from nine a.m. until midnight.
  11. The signs on taxi are made in Georgian, so you will have to ask the passers-by or the driver about the route.
  12. For drinking alcohol in public places (in the street, stadium, in the park, in public transport), you will be punished with a fine of 300 GEL.
  13. Smoking is allowed in public places in Georgia, but there is a 120 GEL fixed fine for discarding a cigarette but as well as for leaving or throwing litter in a public places. Car drivers and public transport users will also be responsible for throwing litter from the car.

We hope that these tips will help you in your further journey. Use these simple tips and you will not have intercultural problems with the people of Georgia.

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