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Tbilisi Monuments

Unique and interesting Tbilisi monuments

There are lots of monuments as to real people so to figures – symbols in the Georgian culture in the historical part of Tbilisi. In this article, we will consider the most famous ones that are placed in the old Tbilisi.

Mimino monument

In 2011 there was established a monument to Mimino movie characters in Tbilisi. Created from bronze, the monument is famous more on the post-soviet space. One of the figures of the monument is created after the real man – the movie director Georgiy Daneliya. All of the others – after the movie characters. The opening of the monument was planned on the anniversary of 30 years after Mimino movie has been shown, but the works took a little bit more time and the monument was opened later. The monument is located in the Avlabari Park in several minutes from the metro station of the same name. Zurab tsereteli created one more monument dedicated to Mimino movie characters that is located in Dilihan city, Armenia.

Tbilisi Monuments 1

Monument to Saint George

A monument to Saint George was established in 2006 at the place where earlier was a monument to Lenin (pulled down in the 1990-ies). Another name is a Freedom monument, also created by a famous sculptor Zurab Tsereteli. A monument consist of Saint George on the horse back, killing a dragon with a sharp spear. After the monument was established on the square, it also started to being called in honor of Saint George. According to a legend, Saint George was killed because he did not agree to refuse from his faith and he was divided on more than 300 parts. There are holy relics of Saint George in Lod city (Israel), and his head and a sword – in Rome.

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Master of Ceremonies monument

A master of ceremonies in Georgia is a very respectful woman on the event – she is a head of the banquet and carries out a feast according to the old rules how it should be. Just due to this fact, on Sioni Street in Tbilisi was placed a bronze monument to a master of ceremonies. But it is just a big copy of a statue that was found during the archaeological excavations in West Georgia. According to a popular belief, you just need to set on the monuments knees and it will solve all your vital questions and will just fade away your sadness.

Tbilisi Monuments 2

Ietim Gurji monument

A monument to Ietim Gurji is located in the historic part of Tbilisi city, on the right bank of Kura River. It was placed in 1985 and was created by a D. Mikatadze sculptor and Sh. Kalashvili architecture. Ietim Gurji was rather famous due to his talent of creating unique urban poetry without any national biases. So, if a person is a real Tbilisi dweller, this does not mean at all how are his ancestors – the Georgian, Jewish or Armenians… Even nowadays, his poems are declaimed, the poet has not lost its popularity yet.

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Mother of Georgia monument

There is Mother of Georgia monument (Kartlis Deda – on a Georgian manner) in the historic part of Tbilisi on the top of Sololaki hill. The-twenty-meters monument was built in 1958 in honor of 1 500 years since the time Tbilisi was founded. Soon it became a symbol of Tbilisi and Georgia country. The women sculpture holds a cup (with wine) in one hand) – for the friends, and a sword in another – for enemies that is a reflection of the true Georgian nature. There is a bank close to the sculpture`s foots and an observation deck where there is a beautiful view on a city.

Tbilisi Monuments 3
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