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The Main Tbilisi Landmarks

There are MANY landmarks in Tbilisi and this article is about only the most interesting and famous ones. All of them are unique and you need to pay your attention to every one of them. Read and enjoy.

The Bridge of Peace

The locals call this bridge “Always pad” because the bridge in its shape looks like it. The bridge was projected by the Italian architects led by Michele de Lucchi in 2010. The most arrived at Georgia in disassembled way. The evening is considered the best time to visit the bridge, when all 10 000 lamps are shining in the dark and transferring with the help of the Morse code, the signal that all the people are equal and should they should live in peace.

The main sights of Tbilisi 1

Dry Bridge

This is a jumble market. The experiences dealers have been working there for a long time, but when there was no market here, people – due to the many shortage – came to the bridge and put their items for sale. As time passed, the situation in the country became better, there is no urgent need to sell their own things that is why the experienced dealers sell the rare objects here. There are no counters and no furniture, the wares are just on the pavement or in the car.

The main sights of Tbilisi 2

Rezo Gabriadze Theater

Rezo Gabriadze Puppet Theater can be easily recognized by the clock tower that is near. Rezo Gabriadze opened the theater in 1981 and it was named in his honor. Rezo Gabriadze is not just the theater chief – he writes his own plays, makes puppets and “rules” them on the scene. It seems that they come to live in his hands. The theater is located in Old Tbilisi region. It is well-known because it took an active part at international festivals.

The main sights of Tbilisi 3


Abanotubani or sulfur baths complex that is located in Old Tbilisi region is famous far beyond the territory of Georgia. A visit to sulfur baths is a must when you arrived at Tbilisi. You are not obliged to take lots of towels and other things with you, you can buy all the bathroom supplies at the shop nearby. One of the recommendations – take off your jewelry and leave them at the property room (or at home) before making a visit to sulfur baths, the sulfuric evaporations may damage the metal and gems, but do not worry, they do no harm to your body, you will feel only its benefits.

The main sights of Tbilisi 4

The Museum of Illusions

The interactive museum of illusions is rather popular among the tourists due to the fact that you can not just only look at the illusions, but also take an active part in its creations. Visit antigravitational room, or play logic games with other visitors. You have unlimited number of hours – you will never be asked here to leave, stay at the museum as much time as you want. The descriptions to all the exhibits are made on the English, Georgian and Russian languages, that makes the museum even more popular and available for more tourists.

The main sights of Tbilisi 5
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