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Martvili canyon and couple of other interesting places

If you have a rest in Batumi, it is most likely that you will visit Martvili canyon. It is not far from Kutaiss, but still being on the beach, you `will definitely like an idea of going somewhere else and this place will suit the best for your trip.

Within this article, we will consider on visiting the Martvili canyon in detail that you will definitely like and your trip will not be standard. We have walked the whole way on our own, we have spent some money, but we want you to save a little bit, that`s why, let`s read.

On the basis we consider that you have rented a car and you are going to visit this place with you family, your children.

Which car would be better to choose for a trip?

You will definitely need a car with a high clearance – if you want to make the whole way of your trip, if your trip is a standard one: to the canyon and then back, just choose any car you want. Any car will also suit you if you use a local transfer for making a trip around Martvili canyon.

race car company in georgia

A trip from Batumi

You`d better start your trip early in the morning, in order not to be near the Martvili canyon when it is the hottest time of the day. However, in Martvili it is cool in the very peak of season. You will spend 2 hours or so to get to the canyon (if we take into account that you`re travelling for the first time in this place).

We would advise you to start a trip at 9am so that you will be at 11am on the territory of the canyon.

There are a couple of parkings near the canyon that will cost you 1-2 GEL for the whole period of your car being on the parking lot.

On the way to the cashboxes there are some drinks, cafes, where you can have a snack (the prices are higher) also you will not be able to get rid of the offers to visit mountain rivers, swim in the waterfalls, trout, etc. Do not hurry to agree and visit them, first of all visit the canyon, later you will be able to go there on your own, especially for you we open an itinerary on a satellite, using the services of local guides, that is why it will be almost free for you.

A visit to Martvili canyon

On the summer of 2019. The prices for this place of interest are the following:

  1. A ticket for an adult 17,50 GEL for one person.
  2. Children under the age of 6 – for free
  3. Swimming in the boat – 15 GEL from a person
ticket prices for visiting Martville Canyon

What to do in Martvili canyon, is it worth renting a boat?

You will be able to walk on the excellently built squares, balconies, see the beauty of the canyon and waterfalls. Almost the whole territory has lush vegetation that is why here is cool and waterfalls make their job and make your trip even cooler.

Martville Canyon, photo from Rake

Here you examine everything and take some photos. If you rented a boat, then on the right there is one more tourniquet for you to get into the Georgian gondolier. The walk on the boat does not last for long, 15 minutes in shadow of the canyon, the river is not deep (just waist-deep for an adult). Here is also a photo in the boat (the boats are inflatable, like Indian ones), then going to an exit.

It will take you 30-60 minutes.

take a boat ride through Martville Canyon

A real pleasure

Now it is worth to going to the waterfall and swim there (without a boat) and then to the most beautiful places on the river. We have already mentioned that you were offered to take a guide, who will travel with you in your car for 50 GEL and he/she can drive with you on his/her own car for 80 GEL. If chose a car with a low clearance, you`d better spend 30 GEL on a guide`s car, but you if have a good clearance then use your own.

You`d better not drive on the sedan, we have seen the lost protectors and broken crankcases we have seen just on the road.

Waterfall, swimming, trout

We are driving for just 10-15 minutes and then make a stop. There are some cars already parked in the forest, then walking on a metallic bridge and then just straight forward for 300 meters, now you have walked through the forest and near the tables, a couple of houses that belong to a local restaurant, yes just there you can order some trout. It will cost you 20-25 GEL for one fish.

Martville Canyon Waterfall

Use any table you like to leave your clothes and go swimming under the waterfall. Be careful, the stone are slippery, though the river is not deep, just knee-deep and is some places – waist-deep.

The water is so cold that you will have a stick leg (as it is the mountain river) and under the waterfall your head will go round from the cold and the water force. This is an unforgettable feeling, when outside it is 30-35 degrees and you are swimming in cold mountain river. A relax that drives you crazy is the final stage of your swim.

If you have ordered nothing, it is worth to thank the hosts with a couple of gifts. There is also a private parking attendant in the forest, he is just helping, watching and giving pieces of advice. Thank a man and give him a 2-3 GEL tip.

Here you can stay as long as you want. One hour and a half was enough for us. We were swimming a lot, took great photos and videos.

Martville Canyon Waterfall

Emerald river, we do not even have words to describe it

Then go back for 10-15 minutes and make a stop in the village. Here we make a stop close to an ordinary house, where locals live. We were met by a pig, that was lying just on the road, hens that were running on the yard, Georgian children who were playing there and two senior women that were busy around a house.

Our guide (or without a guide, there is no problem) opened a gate and came on the yard with us, we were walking on the left near the house and the guide gave some money to the locals. Some money means 2 GEL from a person, 5-10 GEL for a company from 2-4 people is enough.

Emerald River in Martville Canyon

We passed over a house and walked on the footpath on the left, there is only one way, you will not get lost. Then you will reach a small descent and came to huge boulders. This is also a part of the canyon, the mountain river made the real mountains.

The river on the bottom of the canyon is amazing, it is of an deep emerald color, so that it is painful for your eyes to look at it. It seems that such a color does not exist in nature and you can get it only in the artificial way, but no, this is a real natural beauty.

Here you can also swim. At first you will get scared because here are abrupt banks, it is not clear how to get to the river and if you jump from a mountain, how will you get back? On the left here is a smooth hillside, it is covered with moss, it will be easy to ascend back. Though the moss is slippery, but it is easier and more safe than ascending on the stones.

Emerald River in Martville Canyon

When you find how to ascend back, jump to the water. It is as cold as in the waterfall, but it is deeper. It is very cool to jump from the mountain. At first examine the bottom, whether the river is deep enough, just making different figures to get different impressions.

Spend here as much time as you like.

A road back

You can get back, you have done everything. But even if it is not enough and you are here than go to the thermal springs it is also on the way to Batumi, but the way is completely different, but there is no difference in the distance. Do you want to visit them? Then lets go…

Thermal springs missed with the river

We are going on the way to Batumi, on another mountain way. The asphalt cover is OK and it will take you 40 minutes or so.

We find an obstinate through the bridge, a turn left and here is big parking for the cars. You need to leave your car here and then go on foot for 1000 meters on the natural road. Are you tired from walking on foot? There is no other way, then just go home.

If you coped with the road, then come to the river, you will see warm springs and feel the smell of Sulphur. The hot springs with a water thread fall into the mountain river. The river becomes warmer. No, it will not become 25 degrees Celsius, it is till cold but it warmer than some way higher. You can feel here 2 rivers: warm one and a cold one. An interesting place for a visit, particularly on the way to home. This place is even more natural than the previous ones, but if you want to, just come there.

Trip route

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