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Kutaisi – must-see sights

The exact date of the origin of the city of Kutaisi is unknown, but one thing is clear - it is quite ancient: archaeologists found the remains of ancient people and dinosaurs when they excavated around the city. Kutaisi is not a tourist city, but it also has a lot of interesting things, which we will now consider.

1. White Bridge

The city is divided into two parts by the river Rioni. The two "halves" of the city are united by several bridges, but the White Bridge is most striking. It is wooden and, it would seem, that it has nothing special. But the view that opens from the bridge to the river is spectacular.

Kutaisi 1

2. Bagrati Cathedral

It is located on the mountain of the city, so the whole city in front of him, in full view. Not so long ago, the cathedral was restored. For it was chosen a modern style, in combination with ancient walls makes an impression.

Kutaisi 2

3. Colchis Fountain

Located on the central square of the city named after David the Builder (Agmashenebeli). Not far from the fountain is a park. On the fountain there are 30 figures, each of them is gilded, therefore the fountain is considered the most expensive in Georgia.

Kutaisi 3

4. Marthville canyons

It was here that traces of dinosaurs were found, as we mentioned above. Cascades of waterfalls and clear transparent water beckon for a swim. Boat rides are also allowed in the canyon.

Kutaisi 4

5. State Historical Museum of Kutaisi

The museum presents unique examples of ancient culture up to the Middle Ages. The museum holds samples of not only Georgian, but also Byzantine, ancient Greek and Roman architecture. The museum works seven days a week so that you can visit it at any day convenient for you.

Kutaisi 5

6. Gelati Monastery

Gelati Monastery is considered one of the main monasteries of the country. David the Builder is buried here, and, according to legends, there is also the burial of Queen Tamara. On the territory of the monastery there is an observatory and the Gelati Academy.

Kutaisi 6
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