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Winter resort in Georgia (Gudauri)

If you decide to visit Georgia in the winter, then this article is for you.

As you know, Georgia is famous for its resorts in summer as well as in winter. Today we will tell you a little about one of the winter resorts of Georgia - Gudauri.

To get to the ski resort, you can do it in 2 ways: by public transport or an all-wheel-drive jeep, which is much more comfortable. You can use the available car rental service. You will be provided with a car at the place indicated by you, this is especially convenient if you arrive at the airport of Batumi, Kutaisi or Tbilisi.

And so, Gudauri is a rapidly developing ski resort. It is located in Kazbegi district at an altitude of 2196 m, 120 km from Tbilisi and 300 km from Kutaisi. The season starts from December to April, at which time you can enjoy sports and entertainment such as tennis, sauna, horseback riding and the like.


Beginners will have the opportunity to learn speed racing, freeride, snowkiting, visit the school of skiing and snowboarding.

The main attraction of Gudauri is freeride - descent through the fields. Due to the wide opportunities for off-piste skiing available here, this ski resort is considered one of the best in the world.


And so, lovers to conquer the mountain peaks, in Gudauri, the length of the tracks is 57 km, the highest point of the route is at an altitude of 3250 m, and the lower is 2050 m. One of the longest trails in Gudauri is 7 km. The cable car is at your disposal from 10 am till 4 pm.

Ratraki is a name for alpine skiing, but in parallel with the prepared slopes there are wide virgin fields that visitors like so much.


You can also visit the indoor pools, sauna, tennis courts, bowling, spa facilities, casinos, bars, horseback riding, paragliding and helicopter flights and much more.

Popular entertainment is taking you by helicopter to the top of the track.

There are bars with excellent Georgian food and wine and small lifts for beginners. Therefore, even if one of your children wants to go skiing more and the other less, you can spend time near the ski lifts and change from time to time.

Accommodation in Gudauri

It depends on your financial possibilities, because here you will find hotels of all classes, cottages, hostels or you can even rent an apartment from private individuals.

The ski resort is available here from November to May, and the thickness of the snow reaches two meters.

Sleeping in a ski resort - at 2000 meters above sea level - is never cheap. But it is still much cheaper than in Switzerland, Austria ... A night in the cheapest hostel is about $22, but there are not so many hostels. On average, hotels cost about $100 per night.

We wish you a good rest.

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