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Peculiarities of Georgian dances

It is believed that Georgian dance appeared before our era. All dances are divided into groups:

  • solo;
  • paired;
  • in group.

Women are characterized by smooth movements and small steps, the back is straightened, while men are characterized by fast movement and high buckles and excellent posture.

Dances were created not just for the purpose of entertainment, each dance had its own symbolism, there were military dances, wedding ones, reflecting the city or mountain life of the population.


Acharuli is a dance characteristic of the Adjara region. Dance performers: men and women who, with their movements, show easy flirtation among themselves. The color range of costumes is dominated by red.

Georgian Dances 1


Refers to wedding dances. The goal of the dance is to show the strictness of the customs of the Georgian people and modesty in the relationship between a man and a woman. In the dance partners do not touch each other.

Georgian Dances 2


Mountain dance, which shows the struggle of men for a woman and for the territory. At the beginning of the dance, the men compete with each other, after which the women dance. Completion of dance - solo performances of men.

Georgian Dances 3


This is a dance of citizens, a symbol of life of the Old City in Tbilisi. In the name of the dance, the word "kinto" means small street vendors. The dance is dominated by extravagant movements that express the cheerful motive of the dance.


This dance is created in honor of Queen Tamara, and praises her. Dance performers are three girls who move gracefully and convey the glory and power of the queen.

Georgian Dances 4
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