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Main Tbilisi Markets

Tbilisi markets are famous with its low prices (and an availability to low it even more with the help of the bargain). As well as a great variety of wares. Read this article and find out more about markets in Tbilisi.


Even people from other cities come to Lilo market in Tbilisi to buy some clothes. The matter is not in the special quality of the wares – they are delivered to Lilo market from china, Dubai, Turkey and of course, there are Georgian wares. Lilo has two unusual features for the market:

  • The wares here are sold without extra charges
  • The bargain is expected here at any case

That is why the prices here are even more low in the shops and other markets to the point that one item may have a wholesale price. What about the location of the market – it is the most remote market from Tbilisi city center and not every tourists now about this place. But there are lots of locals!

Main Tbilisi Markets 1

Gold Market

Here you can but golden jewelries and other golden wares, but you need to be very careful, as you may be offered a secondhand ware, there is not much risk, but still on Tbilisi Gold market, you may encounter it. Don`t you like gold? Then, buy minankari - national Georgian jewel. This is a choisonne enamel. The biggest part of minankari is handmade and you will undoubtedly find the very same items. The market is located on the first floor of Tbilisi railway station.

Main Tbilisi Markets 2


Samgori or Navtlugi is a product market and as a Lilo market it differs from other such places with its low prices – maybe even some times lower than in the shops that are located in Tbilisi city center. And Samgori is famous with the fact that most of the sellers offer “homemade” products – on their own plantations and after that bring it to the market and sell it here, not at their own expense, but almost at prime cost. Here you can buy such products as: fruits, dried fruits, vegetables, nuts and many others.

Main Tbilisi Markets 3

Dry Bridge

This jumble Tbilisi market is already a real historic place of interest in the city. You can buy here almost everything from collection of sweet-wrappers to the gramophones. Its history started from the situation when people were selling their items outside, as they have little amount of money. As time passed by the situation in the country became better, and now experience dealers sell the wares on the market. There are no counters and other pieces of furniture, the wares are sold right from the floor or from the car. Those who are older than 30 years old, when they come to the market remember their childhood. However, the younger ones are surprised with the rarity that is sold here.

Main Tbilisi Markets 4

Market Close to Shota Rustaveli

The souvenirs are sold on the souvenir market that is located close to Rustaveli tube station. There are a lot of them – anybody can find on his/her own taste – you can buy here such wares as antiques, the pictures of the Georgian artists, bijouterie, ceramic wares, knitwear and the list is not ending here. The price for a ware depends mostly on you and your bargain skills, but, in most case the first price if higher than on the Dry Bridge jumble market in Tbilisi.

Main Tbilisi Markets 5
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